Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park Review

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park review score: 98/100. Beating the summer heat is not that easy especially if you are concerned with your kids’ activities during this season. You don’t want to just confine your kids in an air-conditioned room to avoid heat, do you? Why not have a water park in your very own backyard? Having the Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park slide is the coolest way to enjoy summer right in your own private yard! Imagine spending a typical hot, summer day in your backyard with your kids – playing and swimming in this inflatable slide, plus munching on your home made snacks – best bonding time ever! finally convince your kids to the water park slide. Believe or not, the only time you can finally convince your kids to leave the pool is dinner time!

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This Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park is made by Blast Zone, known for producing quality and durable inflatable slides both for home and commercial use. This Hydro Rush slide is one of the most popular water parks on the market today as kids truly love it and most parents see the great value of their money with it.


With a length of 18′ by 8′ wide and 11′ in height, this inflatable water park slide gives a sufficient room to hold at least 6 average size children. It features an 8′ long and curved slide, making it more exciting to slide down from top. Kids enjoy its 7′ splash pool area giving them more to room to play with each other. The climbing wall has foot holes and handles to keep children safe while climbing their way up to the top, where two overhead sprayers rain down. The favorite one is the water cannon that consistently sprays water allowing kids to aim each other while playing.

See how this Hydro Rush really makes children happy:

The Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park is assembled using double and quadruple stitched, polyester oxford material making it heavy-duty and durable. On the other hand, commercial-grade vinyl is used for the climbing wall and slide surfaces. It also features a constant air technology that makes the Hydro Rush slide stronger without over-inflating or deflating.

In this video, the inflatable slide can even hold a teenager that slides down the curve!

The Hydro Rush is available in Amazon, the best place to buy this great inflatable slide. It’s an effortless shopping as Amazon ships for free. Customer service is awesome as Amazon quickly responds to customer needs.

Buy Now: Blast Zone Hydro Rush Water Park (Free Shipping)

Items included in the Hydro Rush package:

  • Inflatable Slide unit
  • UL Listed Blower
  • Sprayer Assembly
  • Carrying Case
  • Instructional DVD and Manual
  • Repair Patch Kit
  • Warranty Cards for the inflatable slide unit and blower

What we like about Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park:

  • This Hydro Rush inflates in a snap!
  • Setting up this inflatable slide is very easy! Just unroll the unit, stake it down for support and then, connect the blower. After the slide inflates completely, attach the sprayer and connect it to a garden hose – viola, the Hydro Rush is ready!
  • It is designed to deflate easily – saves time when you want to store it back after use.
  • Lightweight and portable – making it easier for parents to set it up.
  • Kids can go to the slide without the need to exit the pool as this has inside return path. This eliminates grass, dirt and debris out of the pool.
  • Heavy-duty, durable and very good quality – can lasts longer even if used over time.
  • The Hydro Rush has water outlets to retain the water level just enough for kids to splash around.
  • A very good source of kids’ learning, entertainment and wellness

What we dislike about Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park:

  • Like the case of any inflatable slide, it is not easy to store it back to its carrying case. However, you can store it on a bigger bag or box or put a large tarp instead.
  • The blower of this inflatable slide requires 120 Volts. This prevents some parents from buying it because their countries use 220 Volts.
  • There’s no padding underneath the pool area. However, keeping the inflatable slide on ground level will ensure consistent water coverage.

Safety Tips when using Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park:

  • Never attempt to put this inflatable slide on a ground swimming pool because it doesn’t float and needs a stable base or it loses structural integrity. It is also connected to an electric external blower so it is dangerous to put it on water.
  • Make it a rule to the kids that there should be no leaning or hanging to ensure safety of everyone.
  • Avoid bringing sharp objects near or inside the pool that may cause holes or rips.
  • The blower is pretty loud. However, it doesn’t disturb nearby neighbors and the sound will remain unnoticed when kids starts making noise.
Buy Now: Blast Zone Hydro Rush Water Park (Free Shipping)

This Hydro Rush has received a great number of excellent customer reviews – that only proves that this inflatable slide is worth buying and can truly make our little angels happy.

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