Best Toddler Bounce House – 10 Best Toddler Bounce Houses

We interviewed 200 parents to shortlist the 10 best toddler bounce houses available in the market today. Read on to find the best toddler bounce house for your toddler and his or her friends.

The older the kids, the unrulier is the bounce house gathering! It makes you wish for a dedicated toddler bounce house. For, whenever you’re at a party, your constant attention and energy goes into keeping your child from heading straight to the huge bouncer from where all the fun and exciting noises seem to be emanating. Let’s face it, the lure of all the bouncing and sliding fun that an inflatable bounce house offers, is hard to resist for any child. Your toddler can’t wait to get inside one of those, but you know it isn’t safe. A residential bounce house for your toddler is different from a commercial bouncer that you’ve seen at parties for older children, in terms of design, safety measures, and size.

The Little Tikes Inflatable Bouncer

littletikesbouncer This bounce house measures 55 x 48.9 x 58 inches and weighs 34 pounds. The size of this bouncer is perfect to serve as a preschoolers’ first bounce house. It can used both indoors and outdoors, as long as the surface it is inflated upon is flat and stable. This bounce house has a simple door for an entryway, which is suitable for toddlers. The Velcro fasteners help keep the kids securely inside. The surrounding walls are made of strong mesh netting that can easily support the weight of a toddler who may fall back against it while trying to jump up and down. The rest of the bounce house is crafted out of puncture-resistant and durable material. You may allow as many as 3 kids to play within at one time. The recommended weight limit is 250 lbs. This bounce house comes with a few accessories, such as a blower, stakes, GFCI plug, repair kit and a storage bag.
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Intex Jump O lene Transparent Ring Bounce

intextransparent This is a very simple and uncomplicated little bounce house that’ll be perfect for your preschooler! It is made of transparent material which is very sturdy, but allows you see inside the bounce house to keep an eye on the little ones. The wall of the circular bouncer has 8 colorful balls rolling in it at the top part, which will attract and engage your child again and again. Product dimensions are 71.5 x 71.5 x 35 inches ; 15.2 pounds. This is recommended for two hop-hoppers, together weighing no more than 120 pounds. The entrance is a safe crawl through door. This bouncer is versatile in its use, and can be used as a play area with balls and other toys too. To clean it, just you soapy water, and when not in use, it can easily be folded and stowed away for storage.
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Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer

intexplayhouse This could be perfect for your toddler! The bounce house measures 68.5 x 68.5 x 44 inches, and weighs 19 pounds. It comes packed in a box, but without a blower. Once unpacked and inflated, your child will not want to leave the soft bouncy surface. The entrance is a crawl-through door, making it easy for a small child to move in and out without getting hurt. This bouncer is good for two kids at one time. The recommended weight limit is 120 pounds. The bouncer floor is made of strong material and will not tear unless pricked by a sharp fork or knife. The walls are made of reinforced net that make this bouncer a safe place for your toddler.
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Intex Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer

intexjumpolene This toddler bounce house floor and walls are made of durable and heavy-duty vinyl. It is good for indoor and outdoor use as a bouncer, and as a play area for kids. Kids can jump, run around or just sit inside and play with their toys. In short, it is an absolute hit! This bounce house is 80 x 80 x 27 inches and weighs approximately 18 pounds. This bouncer is designed to allow 2 kids to play in it at one time. The weight capacity is 120 pounds. All in all, this bounce house is a great way to burn excess energy, especially during inclement weather, when the kids are forced to stay indoors.
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Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline

This inflatable is made of non-phthalate vinyl. It measures 72 x 72 x 72 inches and weighs 23 pounds. The inflated floor is soft and bouncy, and is good for several hours of jumping and exercise. The inflated pillars provide good support, and the all-enclosing net doesn’t let the kids fall out or get hurt. The compact size makes this bounce house great for indoor use. It can fit into the corner of a large room and be used as a bouncer and play room. The recommended weight limit for this inflatable is 70 pounds, and it is ideal for one child. This bounce house does not come with a pump, but is compatible with any standard electric pump.
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My Bouncer Little Slide Castle Bouncer

This is a great combo unit, that can be used as a bouncer, as a ball pit, and as a slide. The bouncer is constructed with phthalate-free, puncture-resistant nylon material, which is further coated with safe rubber lamination to enhance its strength for air retention. This bounce house measures 118″L x 78″W x 72″H, and is good for both, indoor and outdoor use. A great feature is the built in ball hoop. 2 kids can play together in this bounce house at one time. The recommended weight limit is that of 150 pounds. This inflatable does not come with a blower of its own. The manufacturer recommends blower specifications of 110~120 Volts; 3.0~4.0 Amp; 350~450 Watts. Choose from a variety of colors, including red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple!
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Little Tikes Junior Sports n’ Slide Bouncer

This is a top seller! One, because it is a Little Tikes product, and two, it has some incredible features. This is probably an inflatable that will not only be good for your toddler, but be usable even when your child gets older. This bounce house is bigger than the others we’ve talked about, with a 7 foot jumping area. The total product size is 112.00”L x 93.00”W x 72.00”H. It is meant for outdoor use only. Exciting add-ons include an inflatable basketball and a detachable basketball hoop. Perhaps, you can start teaching your little one how to throw hoops in the safety of this bounce house. The bouncer is made of strong puncture resistant material, and sturdy netting forms the walls to keep the kids protected and safe. This bounce house can hold 3 kids at one time, and can bear a total weight of 250 pounds. Accessories include a certified blower with a GFCI plug, stakes, repair kit, an instruction booklet and a storage bag. There is a 90-day warranty on the inflatable, and a one year warranty on the blower.
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My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House Bopper

mybouncerbopper This is another great combo unit! It comprises of a jumping area, a ball pit, and a ball hoop. With all these activities, your child is unlikely to get bored of this bouncer. Product measurements are 88 x 118 x 72 inches, and it weighs 31 pounds. It is made of phthalate-free, and puncture-resistant nylon, and is coated with rubber for air retention. There is a built-in step that makes it easy for a small child to climb in. Recommended for 2 kids at one time, who should together weigh no more than 150 pounds. This bounce house comes with accessories such as a blower, ground stakes, weight bags for use when the inflatable is to be used indoors, patch material, instructional booklet, and a carry bag. Note that the bounce house does not come with balls for the ball pit, and they will have to be purchased separately.
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My Bouncer Little Round Castle Bouncer

This toddler bounce house is primarily designed for indoor use, but can be used outdoors as well. It is made of phthalate-free, and puncture–resistant nylon with a rubber coating that is capable of retaining air within the bouncer. The Velcro is strong and prevents any accidental fall outs. Dimensions of this bouncer are 72″L(86″ with step)x72″W(96″ with blower pump)x72″H. It easily fits into a large room or basement. Its features include a basketball hoop to provide a change in activity without having to leave the bouncer, and a step or landing which is a great way to enter or exit the bounce house without getting hurt. Additionally, the safety net that forms the walls of this bouncer, acts as a protective shield for the bouncing and jumping kids. Accessories include a blower, ground stakes, patch material, weight bags, instructions, and a carry bag.
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Blast Zone Little Bopper Inflatable Bouncer

blastzonebopper In this bounce house, your kids can jump, bounce, roll, tumble, and lay down all they want! It’s sturdy, durable, and very safe. It inflates in under a minute and is easy to set up or move. The size of this inflatable is 72 x 72 x 60 inches, and it weighs 28 pounds. This compact design easily fits into a room, and works equally well outdoors. This bouncer is a great way to let siblings or little friends play together, develop motor skills, gain physical strength, spend their excess energy, and have a lot of fun! The jumping surface is made of PVC and X-weave materials for durability. The soft safety netting all around the jumping area ensures that there are no accidental falls, or abrasions. This bounce house is good for 2 kids and a gross weight of 150 pounds. The inflatable kit comes with a blower, stakes, an instructional manual or a DVD.
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Whichever of these best toddler bounce houses you choose to buy, do ensure you’re always present for supervision. However safe a bouncer may be, a child below 3 years should be constantly observed, when playing in an inflatable. Other than that the decision to buy the best toddler bounce house is one that will bring you great satisfaction when you see the joy on your child’s face! They won’t be able to wait long enough to get inside and start playing with their very first bounce house!

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