Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bounce House Review

We were very happy post our Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bounce House review. This is an award winning bounce house, that continues to receive excellent reviews from users all over the world. There are people who have owned it for years and are still happy with the product. Others feel this is probably the best thing they’ve ever bought for their kids. Parents say it’s an absolute hit with their kids!

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However, whether this bouncer is the answer to your child’s dreams is yet to be ascertained. Buying a bounce house is a one-time investment for a product that you’d want your child to use for at least a couple of years, if not more. Therefore, before you buy a bounce house, you must learn all there is to know about the several options available with your particular budget. There are so many sizes, themes, colors, qualities, brands, and looks to choose from. If the Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bounce House has made it to your shortlist, the following review may help you move on from, “maybe” to “this is it”!



This bounce house has a total shipping weight of 42 pounds. The product has an inflated size of 12ft x9ft x7ft H, slide included. These are the listed dimensions, and unlike several products available in the market today, this bounce house comes true to size. The actual jumping area of this bouncer is 77 in. x77 in., which is roomy enough for 3 kids to bounce about without bumping into each other. This area is also placed at a good height from the floor. The slide measures 60 inches in length and is a part of the bounce house but does not take away from the jumping space. It is positioned in a manner so as to provide plenty of sliding fun. The size of this bounce house is good enough for indoor use, as it is for outdoor use.


This castle inflatable is made of puncture-proof, heavy-duty, and durable material. Oxford woven material, PVC backing, double and quadruple stitching are some of the highlights. Rest assured, this bounce house will not look as if you’ve put up a canvas pavilion in your backyard; it is of much better quality, look, and strength. The material is easy to clean and maintain. The fan, plug, cable, and stakes are all of a quality that will last you for years, if maintained properly. The same may not be said of the carry bag which has a rather week zip. However, don’t let this be a game-changer. A big barrel, or sack will serve as an easier and sturdier storage space for the inflatable and all of its accessories.


The blower is made of strong plastic, and has metal stakes. It is a UL certified blower with a good quality plug and cable. The blower inflates the bounce house in no more than 2 minutes and keeps it that way until the switch is flicked off. The blower also scores in terms of the sound it emits. The noise created is definitely less than that of a vacuum cleaner, so you can keep the communication going even if it’s the kids’ bounce time!


However safe a bounce house may be, supervision is always recommended. Same goes for the Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bounce House. This bouncer does meet the ASTM F963 standards for toy safety. Its high strong net walls ensure that a child bouncing alongside them will remain safely inside. Velcro enclosures at the side entrance are also provided to prevent a fall. The slide has walls to hold on to. This ensures that a smaller child will not fall off sideways when jumping onto the bouncy slide. Additionally, the basketball hoop is detachable, preventing any bumps or bruises from rubbing against it.

Ease of Use

Set up is a breeze. It takes a couple of minutes to get the bounce house ready and going. All it involves is connecting the inflatable to the blower tube and switching it on. Then just watch it grow into a bounce house! Deflating and packing everything back may not be such a cake walk. It will take a little longer and maybe a little more effort on your part to get all the air out of the material to be able to roll it up. Still, no more than 5 to 8 minutes.

Basketball hoop

A great idea, no doubt, but it has not been executed very well. It is positioned too low for older kids to be able to play hoops properly, and the younger ones don’t have enough space to go back and throw a ball. This hoop is removable, which helps if the kids don’t want to come up with new ways of playing hoops, and just want to bounce about.

Weight and age limit recommendations

  • For ages 3 and up
  • Maximum weight: 250 lbs
  • Maximum kids inside at one time: 3
  • Maximum individual weight: 80 lbs.


  • Basketball hoop
  • Ground stakes pack
  • Large carrying bag
  • Repair kit
  • Instructions booklet


The inflatable comes with a 90 day limited warranty, while the blower is covered by a one year limited warranty. Read all warranty documents with care.


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