Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer Review

Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer review score: 99/100. Children love to play – there’s no doubt about it. As parents, we don’t want to confine our kids inside the house playing video games and watching television. We all want them to have active physical activities from time to time. If you are planning to invest on a great toy for your kids’ wellness and enjoyment, then Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer is the perfect one for you and your kids. Why rent on commercial bounce houses if you can purchase it as your own and make your kids happier?

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The Bounceland Bouncer is a bounce house specifically made for our little ones to promote physical activities and enhance our children’s social skills. Having this bouncer made by Bounceland in your house or private yard makes your kid the most popular Pop Star in the neighborhood. Cool, isn’t it?

Bounceland Pop Star

With a 10.5’x8’ bounce area, the Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer is huge enough to accommodate at least 5 kids inside the bounce house at the same time. Kids will surely love to slide down on its 7’ long slide! Aside from jumping and bouncing inside, kids can have more fun by playing basket using the included inflated basketball hoop.

What are the items included in the bounce house set?

  • Bounce House unit with an inflated size of 15’ L x 13’ W x 8.3’ H
  • Strong, commercial UL blower with 25 feet long power cord and GFCI plug
  • Ground stakes pack for support
  • Inflatable basketball hoop for extra fun
  • Large carrying bag
  • Repair patch kit for possible tears and rip offs
  • Instruction Manual

Main Advantages of Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer:

  • With its velcro opening, children are safe and access to the bounce area is easier.
  • The strong and secure mesh for the large viewing windows around the bounce area keeps children safe and prevents them from falling into the ground.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors. If using it indoors, there’s no need to use stakes or sandbag for support.
  • It is easy to set up and stow away. Please see the video below on how to inflate and deflate this bounce house.
  • It inflates in less than a minute!
  • Uses heavy-duty commercial grade material for the bouncing floor.
  • Uses durable, double and quadruple stitched, puncture-proof and fire-resistant materials
  • It has a 6’ long fill tube so the blower can placed farther from the bounce house.
  • The blower isn’t as loud as some parents thought.
  • Kids may get easily bored with the bounce area. However, the slide makes it more exciting. In fact, some parents place the bounce house near their swimming pool so kids will land in the pool insteading of landing their butt on the grass or ground.
  • Customers find it easy to store the deflated bounce house because of its oversized storage bag.
  • The bounce house is durable and sturdy. Many parents reported that their own bounce houses last longer than expected.
  • If you’re thinking that your kids may lack on some physical activity, then think again! This bounce house provides kids health benefits because jumping, bouncing, sliding and playing basketball promotes cardiovascular exercise. This is truly helpful for overweight kids that need to lose some pounds.
  • Having this in your private yard can attract other kids to play with your children. This will enhance your children’s basic social skills and of course, making them the coolest kids in the neighborhood!
  • Bringing your kids to the mall, parks and common playground may be costly. However, owning this Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer may help you save some money and provides more quality time with your whole family. Imagine placing this in your private yard while your children are playing inside the bounce house while you are making some BBQs and snacks. Cool, isn’t it?
Buy Now: Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable (Free Shipping)

As mentioned above, please check this video to see how easy to set up and take down after using this bounce house:

Main Drawbacks of Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer:

  • Other parents preferred not to have the basketball hoop included as it tends to fall over and blows up and kids may keep hanging off. However, this can still add more fun during children’s play.
  • Since the top of the bounce house is open, and when it rains, the insides need to be thoroughly cleaned. But this is the case for the other bounce houses too, however, you have the choice to put this inside your family’s spacious room or put a large tarp over it (like a roof).
  • Some parents reported that it can get mold easily if stored with the slightest amount of moisture. However, it is recommended to dry it in the sun if you plan on storing it for a long period of time.
Bounceland Pop Star

Limits and Recommendations from Bounceland when using this bounce house

  • Recommended age: 3 to 10 years old
  • Maximum kids inside at the same time: 5
  • Maximum individual weight: 100 lbs.
  • Maximum weight: 500 lbs.
  • Bounceland recommends to always observe being on the safe side when using this product.
Buy Now: Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable (Free Shipping)

Takeaway from our Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer review: this is one of the best. Why buy from Bounceland? Bounceland has been in the manufacturing industry of bounce houses for more than 15 years. They are committed on producing durable and high-quality bounce houses, making sure that these are safe for use by our little ones.

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