Banzai Sidewinder Falls Review

Banzai Sidewinder Falls Review: 99/100. The Banzai Sidewinder Falls is the perfect toy for your kids this summer season to beat the heat! Instead of renting or going out to chill with commercial swimming pools or inflatable slides, why not buy this Banzai Sidewinder Falls inflatable water park slide? Not only that your kids will truly enjoy this amazing water park, but it will surely promote physical activities during the summer season. Great, isn’t it? All you just need to do is set it up in your private yard and viola – you have your own water park! This is also perfect for kids’ birthday parties, friends get-together and family gatherings. Imagine, you can spend weekends or the summer season at the convenience of your own home, while your kids are splashing on this water park while you are making delicious snacks. Indeed, a great family bonding!

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The Banzai Sidewinder Falls has thrilling features such as the water spray that keeps the slide’s surface wet for a wild ride, the crawl-through tunnel that leads up to a diving ramp going down to the splash pool for added fun and has a climbing wall that leads up to the top of the banked curve slide going down to the refreshing, big splash pool. The two water cannons are added so kids will enjoy more of this water park!

Check out this video to see how easy to inflate this water park and kids are enjoying it much:

Main advantages of Banzai Sidewinder Falls:

  • With a length of 15’ by 10’ W by 10.5’ in height, this inflatable slide is tall and have sufficient space for children.
  • Has a continuous-airflow blower motor to keep the water park in shape and helps resist rip-offs and small tears.
  • It inflates in less than 3 minutes – this is an advantage when kids can no longer wait to jump on the water park!
  • It is made of UV-resistant material that prevents the slide from sun damage
  • It promotes cardiovascular exercise which is beneficial to kids’ health and wellness. This is especially an advantage to kids that need to lose some pounds.
  • Why rent if you can have this in your own backyard? No more rents, no more spending much money. In fact, you can save money, time and effort. In fact, this is a good investment because you can use it anytime you want without the need to rent or go out
  • Its heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction ensures this water park’s lasting durability and strength. On the video below, it shows that some teenagers can also play on this water park!

    Also, from this video, you can see that an adult also joins the fun. He even managed to lay down on the splash pool!:

Main drawbacks of Banzai Sidewinder Falls:

  • Kids can go back to the climbing wall from the splash pool without exiting the pool, but this slide still has no return path. The kids will still need to exit from the water park to enter the crawl-through tunnel. This may result to some dirt, grass or debris into the splash pool or the water park’s surface. In this video, you can see that these kids frequently exit the water park. However, parents can put a large tarp or blanket near the water park to keep it clean.
  • Some parents find it difficult to clean as molds starting to appear on the surface of the water park. However, it is advisable to let it air dry under the sun.
  • Others are complaining about the rip offs and tears that easily appear on the water park. However, there’s a repair patch kit included in the package for immediate repairs of the tears.
  • The pool base is thin and there’s no padding. Hence, parents have the option to put a blanket or mat underneath the splash pool.

Recommendations for this Inflatable Slide:

  • Recommended Weight: 400 lbs.
  • Children age: 5 – 15 years
  • Always practice safety while using this water park to prevent damage to product and injuries to kids. Make it a rule to the children that there should be no hanging or leaning and no bringing of sharp or pointed objects inside the water park.
  • Keep the inflatable slide in good condition by cleaning the slides regularly.
  • Make it habit to inspect the your water park for damage or areas of tears and rip offs before using it.

Cleaning Tips for your Banzai Sidewinder Falls:

  • Before cleaning your inflatable slide, make sure to put it on top of a large tarp or blanket. This will keep the bottom of the slide safe from dirt and grass.
  • Use a garden hose to spray water onto the water park to remove loose dirt.
  • Consider using a vinyl cleaner or a very mild soap. Use it with a soft wiper. If necessary, use a soft mop.
  • Remove the soap off by spraying water from the garden hose.
  • Ensure to air dry the water park. If necessary, use a clean, soft cloth to dry out the surfaces, folds and layers because they grip more water and may cause more time before the slides completely dries.
  • Use an antiseptic spray to sterilize or kill any bacteria on the waterpark.
  • Always make sure to completely dry the water park before storing it back to its carrying bag or box. Unlike other water parks, this Banzai Sidewinder Falls is UV-resistant so you can dry it out under the sun.
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