Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

If you are planning to buy Butterfly’s Personal table tennis, it is advised for you to read on the Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table review. It will serve as your key to making a more informed decision without regretting it later on.

In truth, there is nothing to regret about buying the Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table. It is not only an affordable way of having fun but getting your required exercise. This is a worthy investment to make for the entire family. The product also offers convenience with its easy storage.
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Product Description

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table is specifically designed for stability and durability. These are all of the benefits that can be obtained by users. Ping pong players will certainly enjoy playing in its generously-sized surface. It has wheels that make storage easier, particularly when rolling it in and out of its storage place. Ease of rolling the table tennis out from its storage closet is possible with the casters attached in its leg ends. This feature also helps in transporting the table from one place to another. It has several features that include the following:

Fold-and-Roll table tennis that comes at an affordable price
Can fold up to 74 inches in height and 27 inches in width
Comes with an easy fold-and-roll system design together with a 5-inch ball casters
Includes a 3-year warranty

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review: Primary Features

Fold and Roll System

Basically, this table tennis is attractive and a good option for those who want instant fun. Instant fun can be obtained from this table tennis with the ease of putting it together. Just a few moves and you can start playing table tennis.

Designed in the Right Size

This table tennis from Butterfly is designed with the right size. Its wooden top measures 3/4 inch. Its steel railing rim measures about 1 and ½ inches with its steel legs that measure an inch.

Stimulating Green Color

Experts say that green is a relaxing color for the eyes. This table tennis is painted with the same color that allows you to play all you want without straining or stressing your eyes.

Casters with Ball-Bearing System

This feature adds more class to the product. The featured casters with ball-bearing system allow more convenience and ease in using the tennis table. This feature also makes it easier to hide the tennis table within a small space.

3 Years Warranty

The 3-year warranty that comes with Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table just adds more to its star rates. To ensure optimum convenience, Butterfly included a step-by-step guide to help you assemble the product.

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table as a Good Entertainment Option for the Whole Family

The table tennis is designed with a lot of nice features. Aside from the stimulating color and features that make it more convenient to use, it comes with an accessory holder. This accessory holder allows you to place a few balls or rackets in it. It is designed with a child safety lever and eliminates the risk of the top of the table that falls off accidentally. The standard set of net it features is installed and removed with ease. All these features make the table tennis a good part of the family’s recreation room.


Its portability is made possible with its rollaway design. This rollaway system is designed to make the process of folding the table with ease. It is possible to roll the table away with its built-in steel wheels. Of course, one big advantage of its portability is the space it allows you to save. You do not need to have more space to store the table tennis. Simply fold it to store and unfold it when you wish to play.

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table review – All about Convenience and

This Butterfly table tennis is generally designed to allow convenience apart from the capability of enduring the toughest game-plays. Convenience is met with how foldable it is. If you wish, you can fold the table and still play using the remaining 74×27 inches surface. It is an ideal size to allow a solo game-play. It can be stored in that position and eliminate the need to remove the net and posts. There is nothing that can be said about its durability except that it is constructed and is sturdy. It is not only an ideal product for beginners, but even for professional players.

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review: Pros

Customers recognize that most table tennis is offered at a little. This is compromised when it comes to quality. It is particularly the case with the material utilized in making the table top, which is the products most vital element. But that is not the case with this Butterfly table tennis. Even with its low price, the product looks great and serves well when playing.
More than that, it does not only come with durable and solid construction. It is also designed with features that can be only described as convenient for the players. The mentioned ball and paddle holder is just one of these convenient features. The item is also not simply portable. It can be transported with ease, too.

Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review: Cons

There are some complaints stating that the net is a little short. The good thing is this issue can be easily fixed by the tying the net with a string. Although there is already an included step-by-step instruction, many complaints are still received about the table tennis’ long assembly time. Most of the hardware parts also look similar making it a little bit confusing. This is in terms of identifying the piece that needs to be used for the assembly.

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To conclude this Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table review, the product is an ideal option for a range of customers. That includes home buyers, beginners, and amateur players. It is competitive priced making it an excellent option for recreation rooms, practice halls and gymnasiums. The table tennis is durable enough to withstand frequent use. For its price, Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table offers great value for your money.

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