Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Review

Before you decide to buy a tennis ball machine, read our Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine review. This will give you a better idea of what’s good about the product that makes it worth buying.

This is one of the best practice tennis ball types of machines you can find on the market. As a tennis ball machine, the product features a large ball capacity. This also features a long battery life that allows you to use it for a long period of time. Among the similar items you can find, this machine is one that gives you the opportunity to change and control the ball’s speed from 20mph to 80 mph. This comes with a range of advanced features that allows you to create different court practice type. Among the practice options are high slobs or corner-to-corner random oscillation.

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Product Description

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

The machine is durable and only weighs 35 pounds. It can be moved easily and can hold up a hundred and fifty tennis balls in one round. Elite Liberty is designed in a manner that allows you to control the ball’s spin and speed. The ball’s speed can be adjusted from 20 to 80 miles per hour while the spin can be controlled for back or top spin. One of the great features is its battery charger. The machine is also portable. All these features can be enjoyed.

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Review: A Good Option for Your Modern Style

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine is a modern high-quality product that perfectly suits as your practice with a partner. It is one of the top products included on the most recommended tennis ball machine lists for beginners and intermediate. The product not only helps in making your practice game more efficient. This is also an effective partner designed to help in improving your playing skills within a short period of time. You only need to practice to attain that improvement.

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball’s first set of Features

Case’s Design

Most of the Lobster tennis ball type of machines possesses similar case designs. This features a rounded rectangle for its base and a big bin shaped in scoop at its top. Aside from holding the balls, the bin is designed to serve as a cover and allows easy storage. The bin only needs to be flipped over and it will slide securely on the base.

Battery Life – Works for 2 to 4 Hours

For the battery life, Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine offers a moderate working time. The machine can offer up to 4 hours of operating time if it is only set up to throw balls at a moderate speed.

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Review: In Terms of Speed and Efficiency Aspects

As mentioned, the machine’s speed ranges from 20 to 80 miles per hour. This is a good challenge for all levels of skill. This comes with an unequalled control in its spinning function. Its large bin ball-holder and battery life allows an extended time on the court. But, there are more advanced features you will want to enjoy from this Elite Liberty, which includes:

Horizontal Oscillation

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine offers horizontal oscillation or left to right variation. Such function allows users to play a stimulating tennis game. This feature not only practices your swing moves, but trains your muscles to improve its control.

Spin Capability

It’s mentioned below that the product can do both a backspin and topspin. These features only offer a little importance to novice players. However, this still serves as it helps in developing a beginner player’s control. The spin functions also help in practicing their backhand and forehand moves. More than that, Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine’s 2-spin functions help you practice with unexpected ball movements.
In real tennis games, you will encounter balls that are jumping up or leaping forward aside from the straight shot. Simply said, the machine lets you experience the fun you want from playing while training and improving your skills.

Pros and Cons of the Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty comes with several pros aside from the listed features. One of these pros is the fact that the handle of the machine is ergonomically designed. Hence, it lets you handle and push the product conveniently. Its handholds are also molded at the bottom part, allowing you to lift and transport the item easily. The fact that it is portable contributes more to transporting it with ease. Many customers who own the product have been satisfied because of its durability. They noticed that it can withstand years of usage despite the frequent use. Plus, the item can operate quietly.

However, there are also complaints received regarding how a slightly damp ball jammed up the machine. The user commented that it would be nice to provide instructions on how the jam can be cleared. One of the customers also suggested that the package should come with a remote.

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Overall, this Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine review concludes that the product is one of the best. It is easy to use and it is designed with a horizontal oscillation capability. Although there are some complaints made on the product, this can still serve players well during their practice games. It is also a good thing that it comes with a 2-year warranty. This guarantees that you can return it/ No matter what happens, you will feel secure and at peace in purchasing the Lobster’s Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball machine. This is the best ball machine that you can use while you practice your tennis ball game.

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