Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball Table Review

The company Carrom manufactures carom 750.33 burr oak foosball table for the game lovers. They are well known for building good quality games for many years. Their prime focus always stays on, providing entertaining games through customizing game features and delivers the best game options at their reach. The 750.33 burr oak foosball table is a mid-range table for those who like to play for recreation or to enjoy some fun time with their friends and family. It is not a high level professional table but for competitive games can be played on it with ease. At a reasonable price this is one of the best available in the market.

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In order to judge the quality of a foosball table the basic features are a must. Based on the performance of the individual parts, it affects the overall game performance. The better the quality the better is the performance. On the construction of the table cabinet, foosmen, rod movement, handle and level adjustment the overall game is affected. According to your expectation level you should choose the table that best serves your purpose.

Table assembling and the durable foosball table

Most of the foosball tables need some basic assembling after unboxing. the carom 750.33 burr oak foosball table assembling is easy to understand and does not take much time to fix it with the help of another person. Stability and durability of the table are the key features. Whether the table will last long or not it depends on the quality of material it is made of, the thickness of the cabinet, surface area and the weight of the table. The table is made of burr oak melamine and the cabinet thickness is 1” thick.

The playground surface is 3/8”, this is quite good for a mid-range table like this. The cabinet thickness is also well enough to be durable. The playing surface is colorful, well outlined and the enamel coating screen printed design of this table gives a very good look and the coating protects the table from getting damaged frequently. The table dimension is 55x50x36 inches and it weighs 156 pounds. The construction and the outlooks being said, it meets the level of any standard table. This is a solid foosball table with a good finishing look that can be set any suitable place at your home or the recreation room. Anyone would find it entertaining to play game on it.

The foosmen & goalie for the table

Two colored players are well constructed, designed players are available with this table. They are beautifully hand painted. In terms of body structure, they are very precisely designed to have better ball control. You can get to choose from the set of configuration for one goalie or three goalies this depends on your need. In One goalie settings, gamer needs to have great skills to play with one goalie. On the other hand three goalies are even more frequently used settings and that is also preferable to some people. So you get to choose which one you want. The table does not contain the counterbalanced player which is a favorable option in the game. But without it, the game is playable and anyone would enjoy it with their playing tricks and turns.

The legs build up structure

The table is set on four strong legs which give the strength to stand on the place firmly. As the table weight is heavy so it stays on the fixed spot that gives support in playing the game.

Carrom table rods and handles

Triple chrome plated steel rods are used in this table. At the end side of it there is a grip handle. The foosmen are well joined with the rods and it moves smoothly. It is light and smooth, so handling the game with this featured rod is enjoyable. Again, the rubber handles are good for better grip and your hands will not slip while you are playing.

Appropriate group players

This game is a fun game whoever understands it well. Children who are teenagers can even start to play with this. It is very easy for the beginners to understand and also play the game. Other than that, adults, mid-level players or anyone in your fried circle or family can play the game.

Adds value for spending money

The Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball Table is much reasonable and appropriate for this type of foosball table. the features and durability level is worth it. It is suitable for small competitive Foosball games and it can also be played in any family gathering.

Some of the pros and cons of this table is highlighted below:

Barr oak melamine table has durable construction. it is heavy and stays in the fixed place while playing the game. this helps the gamers to play comfortable as it does not move while playing.
It is manufactured from well-known brand carrom. so the quality of the components are trusted.
Needs assembling by reading instructions. does not take too long to assemble.
The table has vinyl on legs that gives a protection for the table from denting.
Rods are made well to give smooth performance. it does not get rusted easily or bend.
Black colored rubber handle makes it easier to get good grip while playing.
Two team players in the table and they are hand painted. the player structure gives better control on the ball and make great shots.
There is option to choose the configuration of single goalie or three player goalie. Gamers can set it up as they require.
Playfield surface is spacious and well defined. it has good visual for the gamers to play accurately.

This table does not have the quality of a very high end table but at its reasonable price the provided features are alright. There are no counterbalanced men in this table. This is important for many professional level games but mid-level games can be played without it.
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Carom 750.33 burr oak foosball table review: this table gives a high level of game enjoyment with its features and it also looks stylish. So get your own foosball table at a reasonable price and get its full benefit.

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