Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table Review

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

If you are into gaming and also want a piece of beautiful furniture for your living room or game room, then you should definitely check out this Chicago gaming signature foosball coffee table. Chicago gaming company provides a very unique type of foosball and coffee table combination. This is a very elegant piece of furniture that will look very classy. The Chicago gaming signature foosball coffee table has all the features of a coffee table and at the same time this is a game table that you can play with your family, friends while enjoying your cup of coffee.
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The table will give a completely different view to your living room. Sometimes while designing the interior of the house you need to look into the taste of all the people living in that house. most of the time their opinion may vary whether to give it a sporty look or just keep a simple furniture that blends with the environment. This unique two in one foosball coffee table solves the problem. it has the looks of a very nice coffee table and you can make a use of it by playing game with your friend. This completely useful multi-purpose table has some great features also that are discussed below.

The Chicago gaming signature foosball coffee table

This is a dual purpose table because sometimes you use it as a coffee table and sometimes you play foosball on it. Or you can do both at the same time. as this table has both functions we need to look into this particular furniture from two different angles. As an overall table this is constructed of solid hard wood. The design and the elegant wood color matches with any furniture in the room. The allover design of this table is hand carved which is pretty remarkable. this wooden structure of the table has been done cleverly as the manufacturers wanted to combine two different concept in same product. as a coffee table it looks absolutely perfect. Then the foosball game equipment is also inserted in it and that also has done wonderfully without hampering the tables beautiful look. In the inner part of the table the playfield has got good wooden design that makes it very appropriate and beautiful to look at. at both the ends there are wooden scoring beads to keep the track of scoring. More on foosball gaming When looked closely into the tables design and placement of various parts, anyone can tell that it is a work of very expert professional.

The foosball rods inserted with the foosmen and the table legs

In order to play foosball in it, certainly there should be rod insertion with foosmen attached to it. The rods are telescopic rods and there are two colored foosmen; blue and red. The foosmen are hand painted, gives very good look and the color blends well with the overall structure. The table also features adjustable leg levelers. This keeps the table stand straight and at a desired level with the players, so that they can play with comfort. The table shape is made smoothly so that the children of the house do not get hurt o be around it.

The handle attached to the rods of the table

The handles that are connected to the rods are made of wood. It is colored with the same color of the table. Shape of this handle is octagonal. This has the feature needed to get perfect grip and control on the shots. As the grip is right, playing the game becomes more comfortable and it is possible to deliver great performance by controlling the foos men and the foosball.

Strong top glass cover & the shelf of the table

The glass cover that is placed on top of the table is very thick. This does not get affected by playing the game. It is easy to see the playfield through it. Any drinks or food item can be placed on it when necessary. The bottom of the table has an extra wooden deck. This can be used as a shelf. You can keep your book of any decorative piece on the shelf. The total table construction is perfectly balanced for both the purposes.


Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table worth monetary value

This dual purpose completely customized table is well priced. If you compare and analyze the table features and its use this price is reasonable. Because it serves the purpose of two tables together in one table and it also enhances the beauty of the room decoration. So buying this table at the stated price will give you the ultimate satisfaction.

The table fulfills various purposes and the pros and cons are stated below:
This is a table that works as a coffee table as well as a foosball table.
the wooden construction is very solid and the design of the table gives a very elegant look
The work done on the wood is made with professionalism and that’s why it gives a very fine finished look.
The playfield is constructed well and the foosmen are also properly placed to play easily.
This is a small table but for a foosball table it has the standard dimension. in terms of length, width and height it is 47x28x20
the table weighs 75 pounds which is not so ideal for a foosball table but it serves the purpose well
The glass top of the table it very thick, gives durability and it also gives good visibility to the playfield.
it has three men goalie and they are hand painted
Is has wooden scoring system on the top both side of the table.
The table edges are curved well and smooth so it is safe for kids.

The foosball and coffee table combination has many benefits but the users might face some difficulties to play game on it. Though it has the features of the foosball table but it does not meet very high end professional table qualities. But for recreational nonprofessional game this table serves the purpose.
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Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table is very uniquely elegant and entertaining table. In terms of looks, coffee table, foosball table it serves well. This table is extremely well constructed with multiple features included. This table will match any room interior and give an elegant look.

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