10 Cheap Water Slides

Here is our shortlist of the 10 best cheap water slides. Enjoying the summer fun doesn’t need to be expensive. If you’re on a budget and want to see your kids enjoy water this summer, then it should never be a problem! You may opt to go out and rent in a commercial pool or private resort. But why rent if you can enjoy summer at the convenience of your private yard?

Looking for some cheap water slides for your kids? We’ve got here a list for you. The good news is that the prices of these slides are low! Sounds great? Check these out!

1. Slip and Slide Waterslide – Icebreaker Water Slide with Racing Raft and Water Sprayer


Slip and slide down to this 16 feet long water ramp slide alone or on its racing raft! This is recommended to children 4 year olds and above or whoever will fit inside the slide. It is complete with inflatable water sprayer and racing raft and hooks up to any garden hose.

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2. Aviva Sports Slider Island


The cool thing about this water slide is that it can float on an inground swimming pool! You can use it alone, on a pool or even on a lake. Its super slick material makes sliding even more exciting. It is big and sufficient enough for a couple number of kids on it. It’s recommended to 6 to 12 years old kids. Its recommended water depth is 5 feet. But remember that this slide needs a lot of supervision as it may drift or topple.

So, bring the fun not only on the side of the swimming pool, but on the middle of the pool!

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3. Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center


This inflatable slide consists of two pools: one small pool and a large wading pool. Of course, it includes a water slide and inflatable palm tree for its tropical look! It has a control valve so you can adjust the water flow and and drain plugs in both pools to drain water easier. With its colorful and cute design, your kids will definitely love this!

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4. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center


This rainbow-color, attractive inflatable slide will definitely get your kids’ attention! The center of this play center has water slide, wading pool, water spray which attaches to the garden hose, and ring toss ball game. This slide’s package includes six plastic balls.

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5. Intex Surf N Slide


Kids will definitely like this Intex Surf N Slide for its portability and exciting slide experience. It has a landing mat underneath the mini splash pool for extra padding and to ensure safety. The maximum weight limit on this slide is 176 pounds. The water sprayers can be attached to a garden hose for a thrilling slide.

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6. Aviva Cosmic Slide


It features a landing pillow for safety and easy water entry on the inground swimming pool. When climbing, you can use its easy grip handles. For added safety and stability, it has two aqua anchors. It has water sprinklers for a more exciting slide. The material used is durable PVC vinyl construction making it heavy duty. Its recommended for kids with ages 6 to 12 years old.

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7. Intex Water Slide Inflatable Play Center


Beat the summer heat! This water slide features inflatable bases for safety and durability, eight heavy duty handles and seven air chambers. You can attach the water sprayers to a garden hose for a wet and wild slide surface. This is recommended for ages 6 years old and above.

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8. Banzai Wave Crusher Surf Slide Inflatable Body Guard


Looking for a new adventure conveniently in your private yard? Then this Wave Crusher Surf Slide from Banzai is for you! Grab your body board, get a running start and then dive onto the thrilling water slide! This features a 13 feet inflatable sliding ramp that allows you to get a fast and exciting running start before you make a big splash on the pool. No need to worry on hard landings as this inflatable slide has an 8 feet splash pool with a comfortable and safe landing pad.

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9. Wahii Waterslide 75


Want to have the biggest backyard lawn water slide? Wahii Waterslide 75 is just the perfect one for you! Check out this video to see how exciting it is:

This water slide is 75 feet long and 12 feet wide. It is constructed with a thick, UV protected plastic. Its surface is extremely smooth and can hold 256 pounds per square foot! Initial setup of this slide may take in about 15 minutes – well, take note that it is very huge! This is perfect for your backyard birthday parties, family gatherings or even just for summer fun!

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10. Splash Down Slide


Make your summer more thrilling and exciting with this Splash Down Slide that you can use on your inground swimming pool. With its hose attachment with special nozzles keeps the slide wet and slippery for a smooth and wild ride into the water. It has Boston valve its easy inflating and deflating. With its large bumper and water-filled base, the slide is secure with connectors and ropes. It also has 2 durable handles that support slide placement.

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This concludes our shortlist of the 10 best cheap water slides. Do you have others you would like to add to the list? Please leave us a note.

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