S.R. Smith Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide Review

S.R. Smith Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide review score: 99/100. This will definitely give you water park thrills and ultimate fun in your private backyard! In fact, this slide is intended for both residential and commercial use. So whether you have your own swimming pool in your private yard or running a resort, this slide is perfect for you! This is not just an ordinary slide. This Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide by S.R. Smith has a high-volume water delivery system that sends a stream of rushing water for a fun and thrilling ride! Great, isn’t it? This pool slide is designed with curves and dips, yet in a smaller built perfect for limited deck space.

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Interested to know its features and specifications?

  • Runaway – this is made of thick, durable and roto-molded polyethylene. Its new GrandRapids water delivery system utilizes a larger volume of rushing water. This ensures an ease of slippery slide fun!.
  • typhoon-left-curve03
  • Handrail – The two ladder handrails are made of molded polyethylene and are molded into the ladder.
  • Ladder – This is inclined 20 degrees off vertical with eight steps for easy climbing. typhoon-left-curve02
  • Anchor Assembly (included) – The slide is anchored to the deck using eight stainless steel anchor studs.
  • typhoon-left-curve04

    The S.R. Smith Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide is 7 feet 4 inches tall at the top of the handrails, which is available in right and left curves. It can accommodate children and adults up to 275 pounds. This slide requires installation and assembles in an hour. It comes with 3-year warranty. Color options for this slide are sandstone and gray granite. Please see below for comparison:


    Check out this interesting video to see how cool this pool slide is:

    Buy Now: S.R. Smith Typhone Left Curve (Free Shipping)

    S.R. Smith Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide: Pros and Cons


    • This slide complies with the CPSC Safety Standard for Swimming Pool Slides (16 CFR 1207)
    • It is made of rotomolded construction for strength and durability
    • This slide can be on a commercial or residential use
    • Stable and sturdy
    • The slide is easy to set up. It just takes one hour to assemble.
    • Like all the S.R Smith rotomolded slides, this slide is made up of salt pool friendly materials.
    • Provides an ultimate fun for the whole family and friends.
    • S.R. Smith’s focus on safety is engineered into all of their slide products.
    • The slide’s has easy-to-grip handrails for a safe climbing.
    • This has a small footprint so it doesn’t take up too much of your deck. This is perfect for house’s with limited deck space.
    • With its GrandRapid’s water delivery system, it keeps you sliding and never sticking.


    There are few cons about this slide except that it is a bit pricey. But compared with other slides, many users believe that they get what they have paid for. This is very true because even if it is pricey, it is made of durable and heavy duty materials. With this, customers are very happy with what they are getting from this fun and thrilling slide.

    Ever wonder how you can maintain and clean this S.R. Smith Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide?

    Slide Rails and Ladders

    • Inspect regularly and clean thoroughly the mounting hardware and replace it when needed.
    • Routine cleaning is the best way to maintain the protective firm of your pool rails and ladders.
    • Use warm water, mild soap and soft cloth when polishing the rails and ladder.
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    Swimming Pool Slide

    If you have a proper maintenance with your pool slide, it will not fade and will provide years of ultimate fun for your whole family.

    • Be sure that all connections are secure and tight.
    • You may use a garden hose to rinse your slide to be free of any dust or debris that may have accumulated.
    • Use a non-abrasive soap and water when possible. Make it a habit to try a test spot on the slide before applying to its larger area.
    • Always ensure that the “Intended Use” and “Warning” labels are maintained. If it is already faded or becomes unreadable, these should be replaced.

    S.R. Smith Typhone Left Curve review is outstanding.

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