First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine Review

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine review: this is one flexible machine that can throw any kinds of balls – softballs, baseballs, even dimpled machine balls. This can be your perfect companion if you love pitching balls on your own. It makes everything more convenient and easy without troubling anyone during your practice. Also, having a pitching machine encourages you to practice more on your batting and pitching skills without wasting too much energy on constantly picking up and rounding up the balls.

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

Pitching machines have been a popular equipment for baseball and softball players. First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is one of the best sellers that help players improve their batting skills and techniques that will make them play better. If you are planning on buying this pitching machine, here are the reasons why you will enjoy every minute of you purchase.

Adjustable Speed Level

Whether you are a newbie or a professional pitcher, this pitching machine can work according to your skill and level. Its adjustable speed levels allow you to practice your batting skills at 0-70 mph for baseball and 0-60 mph for softball. If your children is into these sports, you can slowly introduce to them and teach them the proper pitching techniques through the machine’s adjustable speeds.

Reversible Legs

Another great thing about First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is its reversible legs. It provides easy and no hassle adjustment from baseball to softball. You do not need extra hands and tools to do the transition. It can be done easily usually under two minutes and no technicalities involved even for those who know absolutely nothing about putting or fixing things together.

Wide Area Coverage

Having a pitching machine is one best way to practice your batting and pitching skills. It is more convenient and performs well. This pitching machine has a 360-degree adjustment to add a challenge during fielding practice. Its precision dampening lock allows easy adjustment to any angles you want. This feature provides a better training ground to hit flying balls.

Durable Construction

Pitching machines are expensive and the last thing you want is a product that gives up just too soon. First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is well-constructed and built with durability in mind. It is an all-steel construction pitching machine where every connection is welded to add durability. The ¼ HP motor with an oversize shaft and bearing provides better strength and resistance to damage. Its
capped steel legs ensure stability for maximum practice experience and long lasting fun with your children or co-players.

Secure and Safe Pitching Machine

People often think that any product with motors can be dangerous or not to safe for children. With this pitching machine, you will never have to worry about your security and safety. Its electric motor is encased in a steel house to avoid any incidents especially, when children are the ones who are practicing. Its precision dampening lock does not only provide easy adjustments but it also locks the setting of pitching machine during use.


For an affordable price, you can enjoy your batting skills with convenience and ease. This is also the suitable product for those who are teaching children and new players because of its adjustable speed levels. This is a good investment for coaches who constantly look for effective ways in improving the players’ batting skills.

Better Features

This pitching machine is easy to install. It does not take a long time to put together. It comes with a ball feeder so you do not need to buy one. It throws any type of balls even, the dimpled and leather balls. It has a curved skid plate that helps in improving your accuracy. It is run by one of the most powerful motors among pitching machines.

Effective Way to Practice

In baseball and softball, players need to constantly practice to improve their skills especially, their batting skills. With a pitching machine, practice becomes more fun and convenient. It has become easy because the machine will do all the pitching without exhausting anyone in the team.

Great for Family Bonding

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is not only for sports enthusiasts or coaches. This can also be purchased by family who wants to indulge their children to physical activities. This can be a great bonding activity for the whole family or a group of friends. It is fun and at the same time develop one’s physical strength, endurance and coordination.

This pitching machine has received great reviews and feedbacks from owners. However, there are a few issues about the product that they are not too happy about. Here are some of the drawbacks that most owners are concerned about.

Inaccurate Speed Level

One of the most common complaints about First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is the inaccuracy of its speed level. Many customers found out that it is slower than the speed level set in the machine. If you adjust the speed level to 70 mph, it seems that the speed is not at all in this level. It is around 60 or 65 mph.


There are a few complaints that this pitching machine is not as steady as it seems. It is important that during setting up or assembling, all the directions are thoroughly followed. Sometime what cause the unsteadiness is the misalignment of some parts and are not correctly put together. See this warning for more details.

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First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine review outcome: this is one good investment for those who play or coach baseball and softball. It is even a good product for families who want to encourage their children to do physical activities. This is a fun way to entertain and keep children active and an effective way to improve athlete’s batting and pitching skills. It comes with great features that make everything convenient and easy for both coaches and players. It is highly recommended by many satisfied and happy owners because it is not only affordable but it also works better than any other pitching machines, secure, safe and durable.

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