LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System Review

LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System review rating: Outstanding. If you are looking for an entertainment that will surely be a big hit to everyone then, getting the LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System is your best bet. Nothing can top the fun and excitement this product can give. With its amazing features and well-designed concepts, both children and adults will feel and experience more realistic battle or combat scenes. In short, this product has intensified its performance in so many levels.

LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System Review

The LAZERTAG system is a good investment if you are more into dependable and top of the line combat weapons. If you are still skeptical and in doubt, here are the reasons why you should purchase this incredible product.

Realistic Laser Weapon

This product is the best thing to have if you love re-enacting or playing combat scenes. Its realistic design makes it so much fun, exciting and thrilling. It provides continuous action as this laser weapon registers hits, shots and is even built with special activation weapons that come with lights, sounds and vibrations. It really gives you adrenaline rush that will sharpen your mental skills and develop your physical abilities. There is nothing more realistic laser weapon in the market today than this.

Amazing Features

Satisfied customers are raving how amazing and remarkable the features are. It enhances everything – from its design to performance. Its innovative features make this laser gun a best seller and a favorite toy among children and adults. One of its smart feature is its shot blast attachment which allows you to hit more than one target at a given time. It also has a pinpoint sight attachment that heightens accuracy when shooting. Its other amazing features include rumble pack that alerts you when you are being hit, a recoil function that instantly turns on every shot fired and a manual reload function that replaces the ammunition. All these features make play time all the more exciting.

Well-designed Concepts

The futuristic design of LAZERTAG Multiplayer attracts buyers. The whole concept of designing a laser toy gun that is edgier is surely a big hit even to adults. Its bright colors may fit for young buyers but overall it looks good. Its overall design caters to children and adults emphasizing that everyone can play and have fun with it. What makes this laser toy gun better than its competitors is it comes with two Phoenix LTX taggers, two shot blast attachments, two pinpoint sight attachments and a video game module.

Great Form of Entertainment

If your children are spending their days getting lazy on the couch then, it is high time for you to purchase them with this laser toy gun. This toy is not only for entertainment but this is a fun way for them to go outdoor and be active. Yes, this toy surely looks cool and it becomes even cooler when your children cannot wait to run around and play with their siblings or friends. Some adults find this a smart and effective way to get some exercise. This toy demands physical workout and even sharpens your mental ability as you initiate strategies during the game. If you are too worn out to play outside, you can connect this to your television and experience the thrill of being part of a game.

Affordable Price

With its remarkable features and performance, this is surely worth every penny you spent. Not to mention the fun, thrill and excitement it gives to your family and friends. You do not have to worry updating this toy or buying more attachments because everything you need is all in one package.

It is not surprising why this Battle System has captured the minds and hearts of children and adult. With so many good reviews and feedbacks about this product, it is hard to believe that there are some concerns and issues regarding this toy. However, as a smart buyer you need to know both the pros and cons of the product. Here are some issues you need to be aware of:

Not Fit for Toddlers

As much as you want to play this with your toddlers or children ages seven years old and below, you need to wait for a few more years. Even if you think your child is mature for his/her age, you must be careful since the toy has small parts that can cause choking incidents. The excitement and thrill while playing the game may eventually come dangerous to small children as they cannot keep up with the older ones especially, when running and shooting.

Not Suitable for All Types of Television

One of the main features of this laser toy gun is its video game module. However, it does only work for CRT televisions. It does not play high definition and plasma televisions. If your television set is a modern type, you may find the video game module useless. Or you can buy a CRT TV just for this. This type of TV is cheaper these days.

Additional Expense

The laser toy gun each needs six AA batteries and these are not included during the purchase. If your children constantly use them, you may have to spend more money to buy these batteries. Or to make it more convenient, you may have to buy rechargeable batteries and a charger.


Its price can be both a pro and con because there are people out there who would not spend this hefty amount just for a laser gun. Though it comes with amazing features and performs great, it can still be considered expensive for the majority of the buyer.

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LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System redefines fun and excitement these days. Even with its price, it is not a disappointment to the buyers because of its features, design and performance. It provides a realistic approach in playing combat scenes to make players experience the real thrill. Both children and adult love playing with this and it makes them more active. This is an effective solution for those children who dislikes playing outside. As for adults, this is their way of burning some unwanted pounds. This more fun and way enjoyable.

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