Janome Memory Craft 6600 Review

Interested in the Janome Memory Craft 6600 review? Here we break it down for you to decide whether the machine will be worth your buck. Make sure to decide on what you want from a machine beforehand so that you won’t be easily swayed by fanciful features that you won’t need.

Our Janome Memory Craft 6600 review will be as independent as possible without bias from the manufacturer.

Janome is a well known brand that has always produced reliable and durable sewing machines. Of course, there are always a few models that has its flaws. The 6600 is a great machine that offers a variety of features, although it does have a few drawbacks.

Janome Memory Craft 6600

Janome Memory Craft 6600P

An overview of the model suggest that it’s quite a heavy and sturdy machine with all the hallmarks of a Janome sewing machine. It is a dedicated machine for quilting, patchwork and applique work. So it doesn’t have a free arm which can be a drawback for some. There is a mounted reference guide to all 99 built-in stitches within easy view, great for beginners. Physically, it’s a little on the heavier side. So moving it around might be a problem.


Like many in its class of sewing machines, it has a wide range of functions. We will list down the features in this Janome Memory Craft 6600 review for you to easily glance through.

99 types of decorative and standard built-in stitch options
7 automatic one-step buttonhole styles
2 alphanumeric fonts
Automatic needle threader
Knee lift
Twin needle guard
Built-in LED lights for workspace illumination
Adjustable speed control
5 memory banks
Numerical touchpad
Mode Button
Help Button
External dual feed adjuster
Backlit LCD screen

At a glance these features are quite extensive and offers users a great versatility and use of the 6600.


14 presser feet (zigzag, over edge, rolled hem, satin stitch, blind hem, cording, overcast, standard buttonhole, automatic buttonhole, ¼ inch seam, darning, basting and dual feed)
Extra needles
Screwdrivers (2)
Seam ripper
Bobbins (4)
Quilting bar
Fabric guide
Extension table

A hands on experience

Threading the needle isn’t much of a hassle. For novices, there’s a detailed guide on how to thread the needle properly. But the it’s built in such a way that it isn’t that hard to do. The drop-in bobbin is also easy to install. It has a separate bobbin winding motor which means you can wind the bobbin even while simultaneously sewing. A good feature to avoid wasting precious time.

The backlit LCD screen is remarkably clear and has a great contrast. You can easily adjust the brightness using the dial to get the most out of it even in a sunlight filled room.

The stitch options are grouped into utility, pictograph and decorative. You can pick the stitch you want by selecting the mode and the inputting the number based on the stitch option guide which is mounted near the machine head. It isn’t complicated and the numerical touchpad is easy to press. You can even edit and combine individual stitches to increase the types of stitches you want to use.

Other features that were quite good and easy to use are the drop feed button, thread cutter, auto lock, needle up/down button and knee lift. The stitch balance adjusting screw, dual feed adjuster, speed control slider, length and width controls and stitch elongation are all within easy reach. This machine is quite convenient to use and delivers superb stitches. It is built to be ergonomic so working with the machine is a seamless and smooth experience.

The machine comes with built-in spindles instead of standard spools. LED lights work well, and brightly illuminates the work area. The visual presser foot pressure gauge is intuitive and easy to control.

Fabric handling

As much as it claims to be able to sew lightweight to heavy fabrics, we feel the machine is better equipped at handling lightweight to medium fabrics only. Natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool work really well on this machine. Even lightweight fabrics like silk, satin and velvet. Knits, denim, rayon, polyester, upholstery and twill also goes smoothly through the sewing process.

Heavy duty fabrics like plastic, rubber, canvas and leather can’t really be stitched properly. We advise against using these fabrics on the 6600.


When it comes to maintenance, the Janome memory Craft 6600 isn’t that difficult to maintain. Loopers and feed dogs should be cleaned after each use. The machine head can be wiped as it becomes necessary. To extend its shelf life, like many other machine it should be checked and serviced by a professional at least once a year. As long as you take great care of this machine, it will last you a very long time.


For a machine this great, there aren’t that many flaws. There are however a few notable things to note. The machine is a heavy duty machine, thus the weight can make it difficult to move around. We advise you to use it in a proper place to minimize the need of moving it around. You will probably need a trolley or bag if you plan on moving it around a lot.

Another thing is the lack of free arm. There are other machines within the same price range that offers about the same features and a free arm. But since this machine is more for quilting, a free arm is not necessary. Have a standby machine to do the finishing for you.

Other notable features

The owner’s manual provided with the model is quite thorough and detailed. An accessories box included with the machine measure 6 inches by 6 inches, compact enough to carry around but big enough to store all the necessary parts.

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Final say

Based on the Janome Memory Craft 6600 review, we can say that this is a highly recommended machine that can take pride of place for any quilter and sewer. It is packed with useful functions, easy enough for beginners to use and yet has enough features to satisfy any professional. The machine itself is sturdy and designed simply, with intuitive and ergonomic buttons and clear LCD screen. It runs smoothly and quietly, while producing clean and crisp stitches to make your stitch work all the better. For the price tag, it is quite an investment but it’s definitely a machine you won’t need to buy again.

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