Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set Review

Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set has proved time and time again that it is the best choice to make if you are looking for a good buy swing set. These days, more parents have seen the importance of putting up a swing set in their backyard to encourage their children to be more active and sociable. With a swing set in your backyard, you can invite your children’s friends over and let them have fun and excitement all day long. Having a swing set nearby will always tempt them to go outside and play instead of just staring at the computer and television sets.

Lifetime 10 Foot A Frame Swing Set

There are so many swing sets available in the market today and choosing the best can be tricky. In order to ease your mind, choose Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set. Here are the reasons on why you should buy this particular swing set for your children.

Safe and Durable

As parents, you know that the first consideration in buying a swing set is how safe and durable it is to use. Safety should not be an option especially, when your children have to spend most of their times playing with the swing set. Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set ensures you that your children are safe when they play with it. It passed the country’s playground and performance and safety standards. Its steel-pole construction ensures that it is durable and does not break or topple over. Its swing brackets are made of sturdy two-way steel supports to add stability. Its chains are covered with rubberized grips to protect your children’s fingers from getting caught in between.

More Children, More Fun

Children do not need to fight over on whose turn it is to play. It has two swing sets and trapeze bar for children to pay with it all at the same time. It may not accommodate the whole neighborhood’s children but it still gives your children someone to play with and talk to while swinging. Having a swing set gives an opportunity for your children to invite their friends over and play. You do not need to wait for your children’s birthday to get to know their friends and playmates.

Develops Strength and Coordination

Most parents choose to buy Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set is for their children to be active. This is a fun form of exercise for children. This allows them to stretch their muscles, gain strength and develop their body coordination. Since they will always have a great time playing, they will never know that they are already exercising their bodies. In addition to this, playing with other children develops their social skills and teaches them to share and wait for their turn.

Develop Creativity and Imagination

Children love to invent games and try new things. With this swing set, they will not merely sit on the swing and try the trapeze bar but they will also think of other fun things to do with it. This sharpens their minds on what other things they can do with a simple swing set as well as encourage them to share these ideas to their friends.


Unlike other swing sets, Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set is easy on your wallet. You do not have to spend much for a swing set because there are brands, like this one, that are affordable. This swing set is intended for families that are looking for fun ways to entertain their children without hurting themselves financially.

Ideal for Small Yards

Another reason why this is a popular for many parents is it does not require a large space to set up. This is the perfect swing set if you have a small yard. The recommended space for this swing set is 16 feet by 18 feet. This already includes the setback that you need to more freely around it.

Easy to Assemble

Since this swing set has only a few parts, it does not require too much time and effort to set it up. Of course, if you are new to this you can ask someone to help you out in holding the frames. Just simply follow the instructions that come with it and in no time, your children will be playing and having a marvelous time with it.

These are the benefits Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set gives. However, along with its benefits it also has a few drawbacks that you need to be aware of. As a smart consumer, it is necessary to check on the pros and cons of the product to ensure that you are getting what you are expecting.

Constant Adult Supervision

Even if the swing set is designed with all the safety measures required, it is not a good idea to leave the children alone while they are playing especially, if they are seven years old and below. There should always be an adult present to make sure that they do not hurt themselves or worse, climb at the top of the swing set.

Metal Frames

Metal frames are the reason why Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set is a durable product but these metals can also be dangerous to children. Since they are not cushioned and when children become too excited during their playtime, they might bump their heads to the frames. This is the reason why there should be an adult present while children are having fun.


Its height is too high for small children. Children can be very aggressive with their friends while playing and they simply love trying new things like climbing at the top of the frame. This is definitely a dangerous stunt. Parents may need to constantly check and monitor their children if they are playing with their friends.

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Hope this Lifetime 10-Foot A-Frame Swing Set review was helpful. Overall, this swing set is a good buy because it is affordable, safe and durable. It receives great and positive reviews from ecstatic and satisfied parents. If you are looking for a good, affordable swing set that will last for a long time the, this is definitely the one for you. Home-Playground-Safety-Tips

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