Rare Lego Sets – 10 Rarest Lego Sets

Here are 10 rare lego sets that are on our top collectibles list. If you are a true Lego fan or you are looking for a present for one with a rich collection, this shortlist of the rarest Lego sets in the world will be helpful. There are a lot of exciting Lego sets out there that are really almost impossible to find. We picked up the most awesome rare Lego sets for you, so let us start describing them one by one.

Maersk Line Triple E

Let us start with this wonderful ship. It is a true replica of the most giant ship in the world. The assembled model consists of 1500 pieces and contains extremely rare Lego elements, such as dark red, sand blue and sand green Lego bricks. The set includes detailed information about the ship and a suitable stand for it. The ship is built together with the engine, rotating cranes and many other moving parts. Measures of the ship put on a stand are 8” (21cm) × 25” (65cm) × 3” (9cm) wide.
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Grand Emporium

Lego Grand Emporium is one of the most magnificent Lego construction sets. Grand Emporium features a lot of realistic details. The construction set consists of more than 2100 pieces and they are packed into 3 bags inside of the box supplemented with a highly detailed instruction. It is a modular building belonging to Creator series. As for now it is a retired model. But it is still possible to purchase it from Amazon.
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R2-D2 is one of the most interesting rare Lego sets. It is an awesome gift for teenagers fond of Star Wars. It is an iconic droid, which has become a part of collector series. It has a fantastic detailing and a rectractable third leg. R2-D2 features front panels that can be opened and rotating head as well as 2 control arms. The assembled droid has the following measurements: the height is 12” (31cm) and the width is 7” (18cm).
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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is one of the most rare Lego sets Architecture. It is a true replica of a real Sydney Opera House with the highest possible level of detailing. The set uses building techniques for complex forms and contains hard-to-find LEGO bricks. The assembled construction is very sturdy and is easy to handle and move. The construction set includes a 48×48 baseplate and well-written instructions.
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Sand Crawler

This incredible Lego construction set is great to recreate scenes from Star Wars, duplicating a desert-going vehicle, named Sandcrawler. It is possible to lift the side panels and a top part, revealing an engine, a storage bay and a cockpit. The set includes 7 minifigures, 8 tracks, weapons and droids.
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Architecture Studio

Architecture Studio is a special set for designers, to enable creating new constructions and interiors. It is one of rare Lego sets, which are not easy to find. This incredible construction set features more than 1200 Lego bricks and includes an inspirational guidebook containing 272 pages with tips and techniques for designing houses. Bricks are monochromatic to make learning fundamentals of architecture easier in the context of design. The creation of this set was guided by famous architects.
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Super Star Destroyer

Super star destroyer is a giant construction set with more than 3000 pieces, which is priced accordingly. It is Dart Vader’s flagship, which is really impressive. First of all, it is immense and extremely detailed construction with all necessary weapons. Secondly, the assembled set weighs 3,5 kg and is 124.5 cm long. This set is retired and costly, thus hard to find.
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Hogwarts allows you to build your own Hogwarts and play inside in a detailed interior, resembling the one described in the book and in the film. The set includes 9 minifigs and consists of more than 1200 pieces. The set is designed for Harry Potter’s fans older than 8 years.
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Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a legendary Lego set. It is a real challenge even for experienced builders and a masterpiece when finally assembled. The construction features all realistic details of architecture and consists of almost 6000 pieces.
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Cloud City

This Lego construction set is about building your own Cloud Star Wars Episode V. It is suitable for kids older than 9 years and can provide a lot of fun to you and your kids. After assembling the city, it is possible to play with it using various minifigs included. On the other hand, you can leave the construction as the item of your collection and just watch it at home.
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If you are ready to see some most valuable and rare Lego sets, enjoy this short video:

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