Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set Review

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set review score: 100/100. One of the toy and play structure company Lifetime’s mini-playgrounds for children, the Big Stuff Adventure Play Set looks built to provide a bit of adventure in the backyard, with its camo-like color scheme and its miniature versions of playground attractions, including a climbing wall and net, all built into one.

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Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set review submitters have a good amount of praise for it consistently, and naturally, such a high satisfaction rate. But does the play set deliver outside of the inherent thrill of an inherently exciting product–that is, while every kid loves a playground, does it make a particularly good one? Allow us to sum up its professed winning points and mark-misses in a summarizing Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set review and assist you with deciding whether any generous amount of money you have bundled away toward a real heavy-duty outdoor play structure would be well-put toward this one.

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set – Product Basics

The Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set consists of a slide on a platform covered by a canopy, a climbing wall and net (up to the slide platform), and two swings on either side of a trapeze-style swinging bar. The metal/chain components are meant to be rust-resistant, and the assembled set altogether takes up 189x167x137 in. space. The playground is made almost entirely out of plastic and rustproofed metal, meaning no possible complications and issues that might come from use of wood in the structure such as fading or weakening via allergenic mold growth.

Product Pros

Looking at the Big Stuff Adventure Play Set speaks for itself to a certain point–it looks fresh out of any nice and well-maintained public playground with plenty to climb up and on, and apparently it’s not too good to be true. Many a Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set review and buyer who writes it is ready to assure other prospective buyers that the set is sturdy and enduring.

The set has in fact been on the market for a while, and so there are a certain reliable number of individual previously-sold units out there to testify to how the set takes to time; play sets that have been assembled for almost ten years as of now still look as good as new.

The rustproofing usually holds up and so does the paint job, meaning that much more likely than not, a buyer’s purchase will go a long, long way from the integrity to the look of the structure for many years of a kid’s life.

The metal and plastic of the play set last well under increasingly heavy weight as well as environmental conditions to the point that they can be trusted to readily support the weight of a big adult or two taking the swings for a spin or chasing after the children to ensure they don’t slip on the steps after a rainfall, and will look as trustworthy as they are for at least a decade after purchase.

Consumer Cons

The Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set is a big structure and a big investment when it comes to more than just cash. While this is likely expected from a big and elaborate structure, it’s not an easy set of equipment to move if it’s been set up in a spot that isn’t quite right or is changing hands–you’ll need to disassemble and rebuild it wholesale to move it from a less-desirable to a more-desirable location–and the assembly process isn’t quick, easy, or necessarily straightforward.

A couple Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set reviewers have also stated that the rustproofing isn’t flawless, though it isn’t too implausible to manage rust removal at home, and issues have been reported fitting the climbing net to the rest of the structure. On the whole, however, there are effectively no noteworthy problems with the play set’s structure or design–but should other factors come into play and keep setup from going smoothly or completing at all (e.g. shipping or other accidents), Lifetime has a history of being unforgiving and not a hundred percent cost-efficient or reliable when it comes to getting replacements for any parts that get separated from the whole or damaged, with shipping that’s both costly and liable to take a while to complete.

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set – Review in Conclusion

The Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set is big stuff, indeed, and should be as much a long-lasting place of fond memories as a local playground is as one kept in the yard to family and friends.

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set review submitters have testified that it’s likely to last at least one generation and hold the weight of the same people ten or more years into the future that it holds now–however, it demands as much commitment from the buyer that it’ll give to their household (so to speak!), with its understandably high price and an assembly process that takes a bit of time and is better not done alone.

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If you count on whoever you’d purchase the play set for to get a kick out of a good playground–and why in the world wouldn’t you?–this set’s going to give you mileage for your money and absolutely nothing likely to let your expectations down, as long as there are no issues with shipping or with the climbing net.

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