Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set Review

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set Review score: 100/100. It takes a gloriously luxurious (or necessary) item, something really thrilling and special to impress us. Nearly all children (and even a good number of adults!) love the safe rush of a go on the swings and the challenge of a set of monkey bars, and in our own Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set review, we’re going to take a closer look at where the set does and may not make the grade as an on-property way to have both, and whether the swingset proves itself worth the price.

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Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set – Product Basics

The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set measures 13.8×18.6×7.75 ft. and comes with the most basic, classic, and ever-trusty playground fixtures: a wavy-style slide of a generous length, a set of monkey bars, a firepole, and a swingset consisting of three swings, as well as a trapeze-style hanging bar with hoops for gripping. The set is also sold in two color schemes: earthtone and primary.

Product Pros:

When the product was first released, there were a few gripes in one area, namely complexity and difficulty of assembly. Lifetime has made adjustments to past concerns over ease of assembly since the Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set’s initial release onto the market, and now, provided a little teamwork, claims state that it’s fairly quick and easy to assemble, especially for a large product with so much to it.

There’s only one real issue to fuss over an all-in-one playground, albeit an all-important one: is it flimsy, or is it sturdy? Is it safe, or is the chain going to give out and lead to a snapped leg when a kid’s put gusto into kicking the swing up to the highest point it can reach without spinning in a circle? (The latter of those is statistically not an overly paranoid concern; according to the CDC, most home playground injuries among children result from swing accidents). Virtually every buyer who’s posted a Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set review happily reports however that the playground has proven to be plenty durable and secure. While the Amazon product description doesn’t give a suggested age range, the swing set has held up under the weight of and been perfectly kind to people as heavy as 200+ lb. dads who have climbed on to play with their kids or goof off a bit together with the mom of the house. Also on the note of safety and weight, the mostly-metal setup distributes and presses its weight into whatever ground it’s placed on (and you are probably going to want it situated on soft ground in case of a fall) enough that won’t need to worry about the playground wobbling, tipping, or sliding position while it’s being shaken up on the spot by play, even by multiple children–its size and weight accommodation mean it neither needs nor compels anybody to play on it all alone.

Consumer Cons:

The swing set passes the test of holding up under the weight of older children and even adults–but it’s a tad too big for “kid-kids” to safely use. While anyone can slide down a slide, the ten-foot height of the monkey bars may make the parent of a smaller and younger child uneasy, and if you have a baby for whom you’d like to replace one of the standard swings and install a bucket swing, although it’s doable, it’s not an option provided for by Lifetime by default–you’re on your own in getting the parts you need together and ponying up the extra cost needed for them. Additionally, on the note of extra costs, even under the five-year warranty attached to the purchase of the swing set, customers have had difficulty getting replacements for parts that happen to end up lost or damaged in shipping by bad luck, with Lifetime known to impose shipping fees for parts that it would logically seem ought to be covered–but that isn’t a fault of the product itself as opposed to Lifetime’s. Other than the reasonable built-in design limits, there’s little if anything wrong with the set itself, hence that the Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set reviews so consistently strongly.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set Review – Review in Conclusion

The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is an inherently thrilling product that has few if any catches to it, beyond its understandably steep price with at least one attraction every child would make a beeline for on a public playground. If you’ve got the money and the room on your property for a small-scale playground, as far as the evidence in looking into our Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set review supports, there is nothing at all not to like about this particular option.

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Put in the investment for the swing set and, unless a freak accident or catastrophic storm comes about, you’ll be happy to find it goes a long, long way; it’ll wait patiently and solidly for any time it takes your kids to grow into it as reliably as a local public park, and it’ll keep going strong and holding up under them for as long as they don’t mentally outgrow the kind of play a person does on a playground. Effectively all the time in the world, in other words, as there are few children’s toys harder to outgrow even in that respect than a really good playground setup with all the bells and whistles right up to a swingset.

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