Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Review

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race review comments: many parents rave about how extremely lovable and fun this is. It is no wonder why this product is one of the bestsellers in the toy department. This does not only spell fun and entertainment but it provides a great avenue for children to have some physical activities while socializing with friends. These days, it is so hard for parents to make their children go out and play outside but with this amazing toy in your backyard, your children will surely want to spend every minute in here.

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If you are considering buying Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race then, you need to read this article to know the pros and cons of this product. This gives you a clearer view on how this product performs and what are some of its setbacks.

Great Design

One of the many things that you will truly love about Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is its cool and fun design concept. Children will climb up the rock wall and slide their way down. It is designed with two slides with spray hoods. The spray hoods let out water to make the slides slippery for more fun and enjoyable ride and play. At the center of the slide is an inflatable rock wall where children can enjoy climbing and has a surprise dump bucket that they will surely love. It has splash pool below the slide which catches the children and lures them to swim and have fun with water. The colors used for this product are perfect for children. It makes the toy more playful and entertaining.

Easy to Assemble

You may look at it and think that this is one intimidating inflatable toy. Parents are concerned on the effort and time they have to exert in setting this up. No need to worry because assembly time for this product takes about 15 minutes. Taking it down is also fast, easy and convenient. It comes with a storage bag so you can bring it along during your vacation or have a safe place for it to keep.


Safety and security are the top priorities of parents when buying any toys for children. This product is designed with safety in mind. The company ensures parents that the children will be safe while having a marvelous time. It is secured with strong stakes which are anchored the toy firmly on the ground. It will not be blown away by the wind that easily and it will not topple down. In addition to this, the material used for this inflatable toy is puncture-resistant.


A lot of people may think that this is one expensive inflatable toy. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race can be a good investment for the whole family especially, for your children. You can throw parties and use this toy as a main attraction. You can invite the children in your neighborhood for a lazy afternoon fun. Since this is from a trusted and reliable toy company, you know that you will have this for a long time. Also, the happiness this product brings and the memories your children make with this is priceless.


Most parents choose Little Tikes brand for their children’s toys. The company is a leading brand when it comes to safe, durable and long-lasting children’s toys. All toys from Little Tikes, including this Rocky Mountain Racer, are made from high-quality materials that are safe for children and efficient for parents. There are parents who attested that their Rocky Mountain Racer has exceeded their expectation on its durability. They have been enjoying this inflatable toy for years now.

Great for Entertainment

If you love throwing parties and entertaining your relatives and friends, this is a great way to include the children and let them have fun. Adults will also love to watch their children having a blast while they are having a great time too. This is even a good idea if you have one child because you have something that can keep him/her company or you have every reason to invite other children to come over.

These are some of the good points of Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race inflatable toy. These are the main reasons why more and more parents are purchasing this. However, there are a few setbacks that you need to know before purchasing one. These are just minor concerns that you might want to check out.

Expensive Inflatable Toy

Though it is suggested that this is a good investment, still many parents cannot easily afford in buying this. Since this is from a leading brand and the materials used are of the highest quality, it is understandable why this is expensive. You may need to save and think long and hard if you are really want to get this even if your budget is limited.


When it comes to inflatable toys, most parents think of them as enormous and gargantuan. This is why some are a bit surprised and disappointed when they see that Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is not as enormous as other inflatable toys that you often see in fairs or carnivals. It can only hold around four children at a time or a combined weight of 350 pounds. This is definitely designed for children age five to ten years old.

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Overall, Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race review conclusion: this is a great product if you want only the best for your children. It is designed carefully to make sure that the children and adults using the inflatable toy are safe and will have only a fun time. You will never have to worry about the durability and the sturdiness of this product because the materials used are all of high quality. This may be expensive but it is worth every penny you spent because you can have and enjoy it for a long, long time. Your children will create wonderful memories with this wonderful inflatable toy.

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