Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table Review

Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table review score: 98/100. Having your very own Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table at home will surely keep your family entertain and happy all the time. These days, people tend to forget that there are actually game equipments that test one’s physical and mental strength that can be done inside the home. It is now time to bring back the classic game equipments like foosball table and this hockey table. Introducing them to children will occupy their time in doing physical activities rather than spending their time playing computer games and watching television.

Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table

This is the closest you can get to playing a real hockey because the Viper Vancouver requires excellent body coordination and speed. There are many reason why this is a must to have in every house. Here are some of the advantages you will get if you purchase this hockey table.

Great Design Features

Unlike other gaming equipments, this hockey table is designed to impress not just with its performance but also on how good it looks. Its smooth, glossy and white playing surface gives a clean look. Its deepened end rails make playing much easier and prevents the puck from falling off the table and just keeps it moving around the surface. Its main feature is its sleek, triangular electronic scorer. It makes every game more realistic and more exciting especially, with a cheering crowd sound that comes with the table. It is also designed with a 110v motor that provides a constant air flow of 80 cubic per minute. You will definitely have a marvelous time playing with this hockey table and enjoy every minute of its amazing features.

Easy Assembly

When it comes to gaming equipments, many customers become hesitant when it comes to assembly. Assembling an equipment with tons of parts and screws can be intimidating and tedious. Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table defies all these misconceptions. Many happy buyers find its assembly much easier. As long as every instruction is being followed and every part are placed accordingly then, everything will be easy to put together, however, the downside is it may take hours to complete the assembly.

Durable and Well-Constructed

Made from high-quality materials, this hockey table assures you that your gaming hours will go on for years. It is such a waste of money when a gaming equipment suddenly breaks down while playing but this hockey table maximizes your enjoyment and fun with your family and friends. Its well-constructed design provides stability and durability. You will never have to worry It is even considered as a professional table fit to be played in arcades.

Great for Entertainment

Having Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table at home means non-stop fun and entertainment for all. This is a great alternative to television and computer games which make children and even adults feel lazy all the time. If your children are not fond of going outdoors to play sports, this is the next best thing to do for a physical activity. It allows your children to develop their agility, endurance and alertness. If you love inviting guests over, this is a fun way to make your get together more fun and exciting.

Affordable Price

Customers often think that all hockey tables are expensive. Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table is one great deal for those who only want the best for their families. It is made from high-quality materials, performs great and definitely lasts long than any other hockey tables.

These are some of the good reasons why you should buy Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table for your family or for yourself. It is an affordable hockey table that will give you unlimited fun and entertainment. However, there are various complaints and issues regarding this hockey table. Here are some of the common concerns among customers.

Problems During Shipping

Majority of those who buy Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table are complaining that the item has been damaged when they received it. The package is not strong enough to protect the item inside or it is being manhandled during shipment. Customers find the legs are broken or there are parts that are missing. This is a major concern for those who are planning to buy. Asking for a refund or sending it back can be very stressful and a hassle.

Long Assembly Hours

Many customers find the product easy to set up however, because of its size and weight it takes hours to successfully assemble it. The instructions are easy to follow and clear but assembling the product requires extra hands for faster work. If you are planning to get this as a present for your family, you may need to call on your spouse or a good friend to help you out in setting it up.

Needs Large Area

In order for you to fully enjoy every game, Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table needs a large playing area. This way you and your friends or family members will have enough space to move around. This hockey table can also be placed in an open space in the outdoor or in a garage. The key point here is to place it in a space or an area that can accommodate the hockey table as well as the players for them to move freely.

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Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table review score: tops. This is one of the best selling hockey tables in the market today. With its affordable price and great features, it is easy to love and enjoy this product. This is a perfect present for the whole family especially, for children to keep them physically active. Even if this is just a game, this can still contribute a lot to the physical and mental aspects of the children. It develops not just their endurance and agility but their alertness as well. This is a great form of family or friends bonding. You can now have something fun to do whenever your friends or relatives are coming over. Overall, Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table is definitely a must have gaming equipment for the whole family.

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