Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer Review

Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer Review score: 98/100. The Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer is the perfect surprise present for your child. No doubt your child will be jumping of joy in no time. Trampoline is a fun and creative way to introduce your children to physical activities. These days, dragging them to go outdoor and get a little bit of sunshine is truly a challenge and a laborious task. However, with this trampoline you can get them to be active whether inside or outside your home.

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Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer is specifically made for children. This is a good reason to encourage them to engage in activities that will help develop their coordination, endurance and balance. If you are planning on purchasing this great trampoline for your children then, read on about the high points of this trampoline.


Great Design

Kids adore anything that is brightly colored. Its fun design and vibrant colors entice children to bounce off on this trampoline. This kid-friendly design suits children ages three to seven years old or those who are under the weight capacity of 100 pounds. The animals printed on the mat will surely a big hit to them. The overall concept in designing also covers the safety and security of children when they are using this trampoline.


One of the most important features in Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer is its safety. The manufacturer aims to create a trampoline that does not only give fun and excitement but safety as well. Its enclosure is securely attached to the jumping mat with no gaps in between and absence of springs. This eliminates the fear of having your kid’s fingers or toes caught in between the connections or springs. Its padded foam and stretch bands provide good bounce and cushion. It has also a 360-degree bars that help your little tots with their balance. It even has an enclosure at the lower portion to prevent your kids or objects from going under the jumping area.


This trampoline is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With its size, you can easily move it around from one place to another without exerting too much effort. Together with your spouse or another adult, you can easily bring it outside so that your kids can get their daily dose of fresh air and sunshine. If your kids love to play outside all the time and gets easily bored indoor, you can have this as their perfect companion during rainy and snowy days.

Durability and Sturdy

Many users who have written reviews about this trampoline are raving on how durable this is. With proper care and maintenance, this trampoline can last up to years. The overall frame is made of high-quality metals that do not twist or rust. It can also easily accommodate two to three children as long as their combined weights do not exceed the weight limit. The jumping pad is big enough for more than one child.


This is one of the most affordable trampolines for kids in the market today. Even with its budget-friendly price, your kid’s safety and security are not compromised. The price is a small amount to pay compared to the priceless laughter and enjoyment your child will experience in this trampoline.

Safe Alternative to Sports

If you feel that your child is too young or little to engage in sports, you do not have to restrict them indoor and just let them watch television and play video games. There are so many benefits if you expose your kids to physical activities at an early age. It is normal for parents to worry when it comes to sports but with trampoline you have no more excuse and worries in letting your kids go out and be active.


Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer is a good choice for your kids but it has also its own set of drawbacks that you must be aware of before buying. These setbacks are not all major and can easily be given a solution. Here are some of the most common complaints of users about Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer.

Hard to Assemble

There are some users are complaining on how difficult the trampoline to assemble or the instructions are vague and confusing. This problem all depends on you. There are many happy and satisfied customers who encountered no problems during setting up because putting the parts together only requires common sense. Others brag that they did not have to read the manual.

Foam May Rip

Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer has padded foams all around the frame to protect the kids from hurting themselves. However, these foams may rip. Resourceful parents have to find better ways to cushion to avoid accidents. Some buy Styrofoams and wrap them around the frames while others opt to use duct tape to secure the foams. You may need to check on the trampoline every now and then to ensure that it is safe to use all the time.


Safety is always an issue in trampolines. Even if the trampoline is designed with all the safety features it is still important to be on guard while your child is using it. Adult supervision is a must when your children use the trampoline. It is never a good idea to leave them alone. There should be a responsible someone who will supervise and monitor the children to prevent any accidents and injuries.

Limited Features

Trampolines these days are designed with a tablet mount or engineered with children’s games and music. The main advantage of these features is they keep the children entertain all the time through songs and games. Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer has none of these features.

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Overall, we conclude from our Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer review that this is a great choice if you are looking for a fun and interesting present to give to your child. It is packed with all safety features and designs that protects and keeps your child safe all the time. It is also budget-friendly which is rare in kid’s trampolines. Its attractive designs and colors will definitely make your child so happy that they will never leave it.

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