Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 Review

We loved this so much we give it a perfect score in our Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 review. This is one of the safest yet remarkably fun trampolines you can get for your family. These days, children choose to be indoor and play video games most of the time. Trampolines are a fun way to engage yourself and your children to a physical activity. It can also easily motivates children to go outside and play. Jumping on a trampoline is a good exercise for the whole family.

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In choosing a trampoline, you need to make sure that it addresses all your needs and concerns like safety features, brand, budget and many more. You want your children to have fun and excitement without you worrying about them all the time. Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 is the perfect solution.

Springfree 10 Feet Round Trampoline



In buying a trampoline, safety should be the top consideration. Most leading trampoline brands emphasize the safety of their products. Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 is one of the safest trampolines to have in your backyard. It is built with safety features that prevent possible injuries or accidents while jumping on it. This trampoline has no springs which eliminate the fear of your children’s fingers or toes being stuck in between. It makes use of its patented rod based system which even if there are no springs, it still gives you a good bounce. Another remarkable safety measure of this trampoline is its frame is below the jumping surface. This means that the jumper will never hit or hurt himself/ herself while using it.

Easy to Assemble

Trampolines can be very intimidating especially, when it comes to setting them up. This trampoline ensures that you will have an easy and less time assembling it and more time for fun. The brand’s website offers video tutorials on how to set it up so that you will not have a hard time doing it. Watching a video is far better and easier than reading the manual.

Good Design

With its overall design from safety features to its color, this trampoline uses high-quality materials. The materials add stability, durability and safety to users. It uses heavy duty galvanized steel frame, composite fiberglass rods and UV resistant polypropylene nets. Along with the trampoline, it has FlexrHoop or basketball hoop for added fun and FlexrStep or ladder for more convenience in using the trampoline. Its 10-foot, soft-edged mat does not only protect the jumper but it also adds to the longevity of the trampoline and can accommodate more than one people which is more enjoyable.


Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 is ideal for outdoor use. One of the main advantages of this trampoline is it can easily withstand the forces of nature. It is designed and built to last long even if it is placed outdoor all year round. Its galvanized steel frames are double coated to ensure that they will not chip or rust after a few months. The nets are UV-resistant which gives it protection against the harsh weather. This trampoline will surely complete the family’s fun and exciting weekend.


One thing to look into in buying a trampoline is durability. Trampolines are expensive so you do not want to buy a new one over and over again because yours is slowly deteriorating and breaking. Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 is not just one of the safest but also the most durable trampoline. You often read satisfied and amazed customers on how durable the product is. Many families have been using their for years. This is worth every penny you have paid for it.

Good Investment

Since this trampoline is safe, secure and long lasting, many owner admit that it is worth the high price they have paid for it. This is a good investment for fun and entertainment. The quality of the materials is good, the design is safe and the fun it brings is priceless. This is a great purchase if you want a lasting fun for your children.


Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 is truly beneficial to your family when it comes to fun, entertainment and fitness. However, there are a few setbacks that you should be aware of before purchasing it.


Yes, the website provides video tutorials for easy set up but not too many people find it effortless and simple. It takes a lot of effort and manpower to assemble the trampoline. The laborious task in setting up this trampoline is the major complaint of many customers. Some find the instructions confusing and misleading. It is important that you work with your family in assembling this trampoline.


A lot of people who love to purchase Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 have second thoughts because of its price. This is not budget-friendly and affordable for many families. But when you analyze its price fully, you will realize that every cent you paid for it is all worth it. The trampoline is named as one of the safest trampolines which is a major bonus and it is durable and secure.


This is a medium-sized trampoline which has limited weight capacity of 250 pounds. This may not be ideal for large number of families or friends jumping together. You need to strictly follow the weight capacity indicated to make sure that the trampoline will not break or worse, jumpers falling out or hurting themselves.

Outdoor Use Only

Unless you have a spacious area then you can definitely place this trampoline inside your house. But for an average house size this trampoline, is ideally placed outside to give enough reason for children to play outdoor. This becomes a problem when it is raining and snowing outside.

Buy Now: Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79

Overall, we decided to highly recommend this trampoline after our Springfree 10′ Medium Round R79 review. It is a smart buy especially for your children. Having a trampoline at home encourages your children to be more active. This is a fun way to let them exercise and develop their body. For parents, this is also a great way to shed off some unwanted pounds. There are now many exercises that include trampolines in their routines. This trampoline may be expensive compared to other brands but for all its benefits, it is all worth it.

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