Wood Burning Pool Heater Reviews – Best Wood Fired Pool Heaters

There are just a few wood burning pool heater reviews on the internet, so if you want to buy one, you won’t find much about it. Here we detail the five best wood fired pool heaters out there.

Wood Fired Hot Tub – Wood Burning Hot Tub – Seats 4

Wood Burning Hot Tub
This hot tub is heated on a wood burning heater and it will bring joy and relaxation to your home. It is 100% authentic cedar wood hot tub and it is made from grade ‘A’ clear western red cedar. It has stainless steel timberline wood fired hot tub and pool heart that can produce up to 55,000 BTU/hr. This beautiful looking hot tub will not only relax and sooth you, it will also make you backyard look seducing and lovely. You will love it! You can even bring and install it near your weekend cottage and enjoy your weekends without any electricity required. It is very easy to install, so you won’t have problems with that, and since you will have lifetime free technical support, you can always ask about what you don’t know. One of the most beautiful hot tub experiences you will ever feel will most cardinally be with this hot tub on wood fire pool heater.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater – Wood Fired Pool Heater – Large 105,000 BTU

Wood Fired Pool Heater
This is a fine Timberline stainless steel pool wood fired heated and it will do its job with no noise or electrical bills. It is a 105,000 unit and it will only spend wood on heating. Large hot tub or pool can be heated in hours, so you can enjoy your hot tub in no time. Wouldn’t it be great to come home after a hard day at work and lay back and enjoy a swim in a warm pool, not thinking about spent electricity and worrying about heating costs? With wood fired hot tub heater you can do that! This model has design based on Thermosiphon, a hot water rises and exits via the top port, and at that same time, cold water is raising it to the heat exchanger. All parts are made out of stainless steel, so you can leave it outside and you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion.

Submersible Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater – Aluminum 100,000 BTU

Submersible Wood Fired
Submersible wood fired hot tub heater is maybe the most stable pool heater on this 10 best wood fire pool heaters list and it has reasons for that. It is a Timberline aluminum hot tub and wood fired heater and it will heat your pool with wood and without noise and electric bills. Make this alternative way of heating your way! It produces about 100,000 BTU of heating capacity and it doesn’t require electricity, so you can enjoy a warm bath anywhere you like, weekend cottage, your household, or beneath the stars. Medium and large hot tubs are heated in hours and this can be an ideal idea for lowering costs on electricity bills. This model is designed to vent the smoke outlet and provide secondary combustion of unburned gases. That means that it will reduce smoke emissions and chimney sparks. You will get two year warranty against manufacture defects, which is good.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater – Aluminum 70,000 BTU

Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater
If you are tired of paying big electrical bills because of you old pool heater, it is time to buy a new one and not any kind, the alternative one. This hot tub and pool heater runs on wood and it produces no noise and no electrical bills. It is made out of 100% of aluminum and it produces about 70,000 of heating capacity. This model is meant for medium large hot tubs, and it can heat them in hours. If you want to lower heating costs, this is a model for you. The hot water rises and exits through the top port and in a meanwhile, the cold water is drown into the heat exchanger and heated. Since it uses not electricity, you can transport heater to any place you like. So if you have a nice hot tub in your cottage, you can transport and install this heater and enjoy relaxing and soothing weekend away from problems and worries.

Chofu Wood Fired-Hot tub heater -No electricity required

Chofu Wood Fired
This model is Japanese stainless steel hot tub wood fired chofu heater and it will make no noise. It has about 35,000 BTU heating capacity and it produces it only by using wood. It can heat up small hot tub in about one hour and it will use no electricity at all. The body of this heater is made out of 316 grade stainless steel so you can leave it outside and you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. Chofu wood fire heater comes with a 4″ stove piper adapter and it is recommended a minimum of 6ft of chimney for this model. Since the Japanese are famous for their soaking Ofuro style hot tubs, they used this heater to keep the water in them warm. You will enjoy a relaxing swim or warm bath, and you will enjoy them with not a cent spend on electrical bills.

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When you want to keep your electrical bills on a low side, and still want a warm bath or a swim, the wood burning pool heater reviews can help you find the right model for you. These products will save you money and keep your pool warm. Whichever you choose to buy out of this best Wood fire pool heaters list, you will not make a mistake, keep that in mind.

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