Best Sta Rite Pool Heater Reviews

If you are sick and tired of being able to swim and enjoy the swimming pool only in the summertime, then the right thing for you is to buy a pool heater. Sta Rite pool heater reviews will help you find out everything about their best models, and I present to you the four best Sta Rite pool heaters from our extensive pool heater research. You will find out everything you need to know about them.

Sta-Rite 460763 Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater 0-2999 Altitude, ASME Natural Gas

Sta-Rite 460763 Max-E-Therm
The first place of this list goes to Sta Rite Max, and with plenty reasons for that. This is very light heater; actually, it is the lightest heater in its class. It also has very compact design, making it ideal for retro-fit installation. If you didn’t plan the place where pool heater should be installed, this is the heater for you, it will fit anywhere. It has lowering Operating costs, with about 84% efficiency rating. It has been rated first in its class for the highest energy efficiency. That means that it will save up on energy bills, so if you buy this model, you will actually keep the money in your pocket. You can install it outdoor, as well as indoor, and you can install it on pools and spas. LED temperature readout with dual thermostat controls will help you with all information you need to know. There is also temperature safety lookout and six position control panel. Matte black enclosure is made of Dura-Glass, so you don’t need to worry about whether it will handle the heat and weather elements. It will. Price of this unit is pretty great and since you will forget about the cold nights, early spring and late night with this heater, this price seems very reasonable, don’t you agree?

Sta-Rite SR400HD Max-E-Therm Pool And Spa Heater, Natural Gas

Sta-Rite SR400HD

This is similar model to the one above, but with some changes. It is 400,000 BTU unit and it uses natural gas. It is easy and simple to install and it is one of the lightest models in its class. This is maybe the easiest model among 10 best Sta Rite pool heaters. Because of its compact and sleek design, you can install this heater pretty much everywhere. Since it also has Rustproof housing sleek, you can install it outside and not worry about corrosion and rust. Matte black enclosure is made of Dura Glass, so it will handle any weather or heat. This model has 84% efficiency rating and it will save you money, there is no doubt about that. You can use it for pools inside and outside as well, and with LED temperature readout you will know all you need to know about temperature of you pool.

Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Heater Propane 400,000 BTU

Alt Tag Product Name
It seems like all the Sta Rite pool heaters are similar, but that is not the case. All of the models have their own great features and pros and cons. This model goes on propane gas and it is 400,000 unit. It has to be installed by a pool professional, if you want to keep the warranty. It has low NOx Heaters High Efficiency Hi-tech PMG burners and that means that this model is environmental friendly. Since it is compact and easy to install, you will not have a problem to find a place to install it, it takes little room. Since it can be used for both inside and outside purposes, the fact that it is compact really improves this model. If you have small rooms or small yard, this Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Heater will fit perfectly wherever you put it. As for the energy goes, this model is best in class energy efficiency, so it will work excellent and save money on energy bills. What more can you ask? Price is also great.

Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm Pool And Spa Heater, Natural Gas, 400,000 BTU

Sta-Rite SR400NA
This model has lots of new features and you will love it. It has Hot Surface Electronic Ignition, which means that you won’t have to worry about leaking gas or suffering from a blown out pilot light. Dura Glass exterior is a thermoplastic resin able to withstand harsh weather and heat, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion and rust. There is also Corpo nickel heat exchanger in it, so you are more than safe from corrosion. No need to say that this model is waterproof, it is also easy to operate and it has digital LED control panel and display, easy to operate and fully programmable. Features like self diagnostic indicator lights will make the maintenance of the Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm much easier and worry free. In the end, this model is certified for low NOx emissions, so that means this unit is environmental friendly and if you live in a state with strict emission standards, this is the pool heater for you. It saves money on energy bills and it will heat up the water like no other heater, and because of that this model is on this list. It is a pretty fine bargain, since you can’t get better heater for that kind of money.

Sta Rite really knows its game when it comes to pool heaters, and all the Sta Rite pool heater reviews can confirm that. They have everything, from the price, to the durability and excellent features, so if you choose any of the four out of 10 best Sta Rite pool heaters, you will not make a mistake, and you will get a pool heater for life.

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