10 Best Hayward Pool Heaters

If you or your kids like swimming then you shouldn’t let the weather control your enjoyment in it. Hayward has an excellent choice of pool heaters and you will never have to swim in cold water again. These are the 10 best Hayward pool heaters. Enjoy!

Hayward EasyTemp 110,000 BTU Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Hayward EasyTemp

First place on this list goes without doubt to Hayward Easy Temp HCB110BTA. It is a 110,000 BTU unit with thermostatic expansion valve and it utilizes an electronic temperature control. Titanium heat exchanger can survivor all kind of chemicals since it has high resistance to them. It has two inch plumbing and operates on 208-240 volts. It will give optimal performance, no matter how low the temperature outside is. You will simply love it.

Hayward HP21254T 125000 BTU Square Pool Heater

Hayward HP21254T
This model is maybe the easiest to install since it is lightweight and compact. It has Quiet Technology, which means that is has profiled fan blade designed to improve airflow and quiet operation. It is very durable and resistant to corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about getting corrosion and rust on your heater. Digital L.E.D. control panel will allow you to read digital temperature display with easiness.

Hayward HP21104T Easy Temp Pool Heat Pump Pool Heater, 110,000 BTU

Hayward HP21104T
This is a 110,000 BTU unit, and it utilizes an electronic control. It will keep your pool warm no matter what’s the temperature outside. It has titanium heat exchangers which is high resistant to chemicals, so this unit is highly resistant and worry-free. This model is worth every dime.

Hayward H400FDNASME 400000-BTU Universal H-Series Low NOx Natural Gas ASME Commercial Pool and Spa Heater

Hayward H400FDNASME
This H-series low Nox natural gas pool heater is designed for commercial uses and it will provide exceptional performance, energy efficiency and reliability with eco friendly low-Nox emissions. It has independent left or right side electric, water and gas connections and non corrosive feet. This is 400,000 BTU unit and it has about235 ponds. Price of this unit is pretty good, since it has excellent features.

Hayward H400FDP Universal H-Series Low Nox 400,000-BTU Propane Pool Heater

Hayward H400FDP
On the list 10 best Hayward pool heaters, this one will save you most money on energy bills. It has polymer headers that will provide super performance and save energy and protect the unit against erosion. It also has easy to read LED control panel where you can see digital temperature and diagnostic so you can see if might need service. It has long lifespan so you will have pool heater for a long period of time.

Hayward H2101 H-Series Millivolt Heater

Hayward H2101
This model has patented rust-resistant water path with CPVC connection with the burner system that can be removed individually or just like complete unit so you can clean it easily. This 210,000 BTU unit on natural gas can heat up you pool easily and since it is rust resisted you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion on your pool heater.

Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heater

Hayward HP50TA 50000

Hayward HP50TA is lightweight and easy to install. It is very quiet and that is all because profiled fan blade designed to improve airflow. You will also get digital L.E.D. control panel so you can read temperature display and temperature capability. It is very easy to install and it can be used for new pools and existing one too.

Hayward H250FDN Universal H-Series Low Nox 250,000-BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater

Hayward H250FDN
This is universal and energy efficient pool and spa heater. Polymer header enhances hydraulic performance, it will save you up on energy bills and it also has protection against erosion damage. It has patented single head “v” baffle design heat exchangers allow for long life. This 250,000 BTU unit will warm up your pool and make you want to go to swimming even in the middle of the night.

Hayward H100ID1 Induced Draft 100,000-BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater

Hayward H100ID1
This 100,000 BTU induced heater for above ground pools and spas. It has electronic direct-spark ignition for total control and automatic operation. It has plug in of 120 volt and it is easy to install, but it is not suitable for installation at an elevation greater than 2,000 feet above sea level. It doesn’t have long life span, so beware of that.

Hayward H100IDP1 Low Nox Induced Draft 100,000-BTU Propane Pool Heater

Hayward H100IDP1
This is almost the same model like the last one, but with some moderations. This is 100,000 BTU units for above ground pools of all sizes. It has FireTile combustion chamber for quick heating and installation is very easy if you have installation manual with yourself. It will provide warm water no matter what’s the weather outside, you can be sure of that.

Hayward has excellent collection of pool heaters and if you decide to buy any heater from this 10 best Hayward pool heaters you won’t make a mistake, since all of these are the very best you can find. So enjoy your late night swimming, even in the late fall or early spring, or even if it rains.

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