10 Best Jandy Pool Heater Reviews

Okay, you want to buy a pool heater, but you don’t what and where to look for. There aren’t many of Jandy pool heater reviews on the internet, so if you are looking to buy their model, and you don’t know anything about them, I present to you five out of 10 best Jandy pool heaters. You will love them!

Jandy Pool Heater Reviews – 10 Best Jandy Pool Heaters

Zodiac Jandy LXi LXI400NN 400K BTU Natural Gas Polymer Header Pool and Spa Heater

Zodiac Jandy LXi LXI400NN
This is a 400,000 BTU unit with natural gas and it is polymer header pool and spa heater. It has digital remote control and it communicates with the AqaLink RS family controls. It has lower emission, which means that you can enjoy the late night swimming, knowing that you have pool heater that is designed with the environment in mind. It has high efficiency C-Fin heat exchanger which is designed to lower operating costs and provide you saved money. You will get maximum performance in all weather conditions and you will also get easy to read backlit display and simple menu to make all the operations easy. Even though this unit is a bit smaller, but it is still very efficient and it can heat up your pool with no worries. You can switch it to be a spa heater also, so you don’t have to buy yet another spa heater, just use the one you’ve already both. Convenient, isn’t it?

Zodiac Jandy LXi LXI400N 400K BTU Natural Gas Polymer Header Pool and Spa Heater

Zodiac Jandy LXi LXI400N

This is pretty similar model to the previous one, but this one had some slightly changed features. It is 400,000 BTU unit, a natural gas, polymer header pool heater. It has digital remote control and it communicates with the AquaLink RS family of controls. This model pass the standards for environmental standards for Low Nox emission, which means that you will have pool heater which will save the environment and it is eco friendly. It also has high efficiency C-Fin heat exchanger which is designed to lower operating costs and provide greater savings. Manufactures kept in mind the idea to keep you pool heating costs low. You will have comfortable temperature of you pool in all weather conditions. There is user friendly backlit display and the menu which is simplified so it can be used with no fuss. One touch automation makes the pool-to-spa switching simple. This model works quiet and brings an amazing amount of heat so if you choose to buy it, you will not make a mistake.

Jandy LXi 400,000 BTU Propane Swimming Pool and Spa Heater

Jandy LXi 400,000 BTU
This model has excellent backlit control panel display and built in one touch automation and freeze protection. It also has corrosion resistant copra-nickel heat exchanger that is designed to hold higher flow rates, and maintain temperature function. The main problem with this particular unit can be the life span. You can use this Jandy model also like a spa heater, so no need for buying another heater, just use this one. That will save you some money, without doubt.

Jandy JXI400N Swimming Pool Spa 400K BTU Heater

Jandy JXI400N
This model is very easy and simple to install. It is ultra compact, lightweight and easy to store, so when the season of swimming is over, you can easily store it in the garage or cover it and it won’t be noticeable. It has Flexible Installation feature, it has 180 degrees rotatable top, so you don’t need to rotate headers. There is also Versa Plumb Ready feature which means that installation of VersaPlum system reduces plumbing costs and increase energy. Digital interface is excellent for effortless temperature control and diagnostics with run time and cycle meter. You will enjoy your pool in the early spring and even in the late fall, regardless the raining or cold weather. In you pool temperature will always be perfect. Price of this model is excellent, since you will get amazing model that will last you for years.

Jandy Pro JXI Natural Gas Pool Heater JXI260N

Jandy Pro JXI Natural Gas Pool Heater
This model is meant for small places, since it is designed to be small and ultra compact. It has maximum installation flexibility and lightweight design. You can transport it everywhere, because it has less than 125 pounds and very compact design. You can buy this model in natural and propane gas version and it is very flexible for plumbing for Qucik Mastertemp and Max-e-Therm replacement that requires no plumbing adjustments. It has exceptional 83% efficiency rating and since it has low-nox design you won’t have to worry about environment when you go for a swim. It will save up on energy bills and sidewall ventilation is 180 degree rotatable so you can easy install it in no time. This model is more than great, and because it has excellent price too. You will be more than happy having this model in your backyard.

Finding a perfect pool heater can be really trouble, especially if you don’t know much about them. In Jandy pool heaters reviews you can find about their futures and pros and cons that describe their models. These were five out of 10 best Jandy pool heaters and whichever you choose to buy, you will not make a mistake, but the opposite, you will be more than satisfied, trust me.

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