Best Inflatable Obstacle Course Review – 10 Best for 2016

Here is our shortlist of the 10 best inflatable obstacle courses from our more than 50 inflatable obstacle course reviews. An inflatable obstacle course is a kid’s dream – an experience unique, stimulating, and memorable. This sure-shot formula ensures that the kids at your party have the time of their lives. For, there is so much more to do in an inflatable obstacle course than just jumping and bouncing. Kids can race each other if they want to, or they can climb, run, duck, dive, dodge and slide at their own pace. Picking a route, navigating up and down, getting tangled and crawling out, jumping and leaping, and more activities of the same nature will test your kids’ strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance.

Cloud 9 Twin Racer Bounce House – Inflatable Obstacle Course

This obstacle bouncer is great for any gathering, as it can accommodate up to 5 kids at one time. The set weight limit is 500 pounds. Dimensions are 228 x 108 x 84 inches, and it weighs 68 pounds. This inflatable is made of very tough, puncture-resistant, and fire-resistant 420D and 600D Nylon. This lead and phthalate-free material is sewn with double and quadruple stitching for resilience. PVC backing adds to the robustness. Features include a tunnel exit slide, bumpers, climbing walls and large mesh windows. Accessories include a 75hp UL-Listed blower, repair kit, ground stake kit, blower, bouncer nylon storage bag and instructions.
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Inflatable Obstacle Pro-Racer Bounce House

With a capacity of 4 kids, and an allowable weight of 400 pounds, bring this inflatable obstacle course home only if your kids are of 3 years of age or above. The size is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions are 19’Lx9’Wx7’H, and the total weight of the product is 75 pounds. It takes a minute to inflate, which can be followed by hours of fun. The entire post-enjoyment activity of deflating and putting it away takes no more than 20 minutes. The inflatable is durable, as it is manufactured from materials that are puncture-safe, seamed double and quadruple times. The inflatable set includes a powerful blower, a GFCI plug and cord, ground stakes, a repair kit, instructions, and a large carrying bag.
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KidWise Obstacle Racer Bounce House

The KidWise obstacle racer and bouncer allows kids to bounce about or to race each other at obstacles if they want to. This amazing combo unit measures 228 x 108 x 84 inches, and weighs 120 pounds. It is large enough and sturdy enough to allow four kids of 100 lbs. each to play in it at one time. This inflatable is meant for kids of ages 2 to 10. Accessories include blower, stakes, instructions, repair patch, warranty and an oversized carry bag.
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Obstacle Racer Inflatable Bouncer

The colors of this inflatable are so attractive, that kids would be drawn to it like bees to flowers. Having said that, there’s more than colors that’ll keep the kids enjoying this obstacle racer for hours. 2 kids can challenge each other at obstacles at one time, while the others can just bounce or take turns at the slides. The dimensions of this bouncer are 228 x 84 x 108 inches, and it weighs 62 pounds. It’s good for 4 kids, with a total weight of 400pounds, at any given time. The suitable age group for this inflatable is 3 years to 10 years. Accessories include a blower, a repair patch, instructions, stakes and a carrying bag. Price: 969.99
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JumpOrange Commercial Grade 30′ Rainbow Xtreme Inflatable Obstacle Course, Red/Yellow/Blue

If you’re looking for an obstacle course that lets your kids climb, slide, jump, bounce and go through tunnels, this may be the answer! The JumpOrange Inflatable Obstacle is vibrantly colored and attractive. It is safe and sturdy, considering it is made of lead-free, and puncture-proof PVC vinyl. Double and quadruple stitching keeps the seams in place even after repeated rough use. This inflatable measures 360 x 162 x 162 inches, and is large enough to support kids between 5 to 15 years of age. The total allowable weight is 800 pounds.
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JumpOrange Commercial Grade 40′ Rainbow Mega Inflatable Obstacle Course, 2-Pack (Red/Yellow/Blue)

This inflatable obstacle course makes for lots of maneuvering, exploring, climbing up and down, crawling in and out, and so much more! It is a big inflatable, measuring 480 x 138 x 186 inches, and is ideal for kids between ages 5 and 15. As many as 4 kids can play within at one time. The allowable maximum weight is 1000 pounds. Materials used to create this obstacle course are heavy-duty, lead-free and puncture-proof. Set it up outdoors, and let the fun begin!
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Inflatable 35 Foot Long Obstacle Course Includes Blower , Accessories and Free Shipping

This is a great option if safety and durability are your top priorities. Made from fire-resistant vinyl, which is lead-free, the materials of this inflatable are compliant with the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, the California Proposition 65 requirements and the Federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA 101). This product comes with a one year warranty. This obstacle course measures 420 x 156 x 132 inches, and weighs 420 pounds. Features include pop-up obstructions, a log jam, a squeeze wall, crawl through, jump through, and a slide. Accessories include a blower, stakes, storage bag, repair kit, safety sign and instructions.
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Inflatable Sports Obstacle Course- Includes 2 Free 1.5 HP Blowers and Free Shipping

This is a great quality inflatable, that promises good times! Measuring 720 x 132 x 240 inches, this sports obstacle course weighs 741 pounds. The activities on this obstacle course are meant for children of ages 5 and more. Tunnels, slides, and more make this interesting, invoking the kids’ competitive side. While the kids play, parents can rest assured that their kids are protected by lead-free, and fire resistant heavy-duty vinyl. This material complies with the National Fire Protection Association fire resistant standards, with California Proposition 65 requirements and the Federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA 101). Included items are a blower, stakes, storage bag, vinyl repair patch, instructions, and a one year warranty.
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Superior Inflatables Inflatable 44′ Balloon Castle Inflatable Obstacle Course

superiorballoonThis inflatable is good for kids that are 3 years of age and more. Measuring 528 x 156 x 192 inches, it weighs 494 pounds. The theme is bright and colorful, which is perfect for kids, while the parents watch with the knowledge that the bouncer is a great design, and is safe and very sturdy. What’s more, it comes with a 4 year warranty! Accessories include a blower, stakes, airflow zipper, repair path with cement, and instructions. The manufacture recommends a maximum occupancy of 6 kids, with a maximum weight of 1200 pounds.
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Superior Inflatables Inflatable 44′ Classic Castle Inflatable Obstacle Course

Here is a castle themed obstacle course, where kids can play out their own version of knightly feats in an obstacle race. Features include an access ramp and slides, and the spires give the inflatable an authentic look of a medieval fortress. Measuring 528 x 156 x 192 inches, the allowed occupancy is 6 kids, together weighing 1200 pounds. The complexity of the obstacle course is suitable for children who are at least 3 years of age. The quality of the materials used is the best in the industry, and that is backed by the assurance of a 4 year long warranty. This bouncer can be used indoors as well as outdoors and comes with add-ons such as a blower, stakes, repair kit and instructions.
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This was our shortlist of the best inflatable obstacle courses from our many inflatable obstacle course reviews. Now you’re well-equipped to choose an inflatable that you think will be most fun, and a source of repeated entertainment! Use it for an event and it’ll prove to be a crowd pleaser, or just use it to cultivate your kids’ competitive spirit and interpersonal relationships. Take your pick from the various themes available, and use your all new obstacle course in your backyard or a large indoor venue. This is a one-time investment that lets entertainment take care of itself for numerous years to come!

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