Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure Review

In this Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure review we outline why we love this trampoline. The Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure is an interesting and unique present that you can give to your children or to a family. Trampoline is the newest craze in town in which it leaves you with only fun and exciting memories with your family and friends. It became popular a few years ago as an equipment for exercise routines and for trainings to aspiring jumpers and gymnasts. These days, trampolines are a great addition to your backyard for a more fun and exciting place to be in every weekend.

Pure Fun 15 Round Enclosure

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Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure is a more affordable alternative to expensive brands of trampolines. You do not have to go overboard in your budget to buy a trampoline. This is your best choice if you cannot afford to pay a thousand dollar for a trampoline. Take a look at the advantages in buying this particular brand and model of trampoline.



One of the major advantage you get from Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure is its affordability. You do not need to stretch your thinly just to buy a trampoline. This may be cheaper compared to big names in trampoline industry but its features and designs are not limited. The manufacturer does not only provide budget-friendly trampoline but it also makes sure that it will never compromise your safety. Safety enclosure is sold separately.


The Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure has passed all the ASTM, TUV and GS quality and safety requirements done by various independent companies. Safety is an important factor in choosing a trampoline because you want to avoid possible accidents and injuries that may happen while jumping on it especially, among children. Its safety enclosure is high enough for kids so that they will not fall off during high jumps. Its railings and frames are all padded with foam.


Everybody loves a large size trampoline because you can easily practice stunts and have more fun together with your family and friends. This 15-foot trampoline provides maximum jumping experience that kids will surely love. This can easily accommodate more than three persons as long as their combined weights do not exceed to the trampoline’s weight capacity which is 250 pounds.

Easy Installation

The most common complaint among users about trampolines is they are difficult to set up or assemble. Good thing with Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure is you do not have to spend hours to put it up. Simple instructions are given to you and all you have to do is to follow them to the dot. Unlike other trampolines, you are not required to weld or drill parts to secure stability.

Durability and Sturdiness

The Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure may be cheap but it is made of good quality materials that ensure durability and sturdiness. It is also designed and built to last long. It makes use of its patented T-section construction using heavy-duty, galvanized and rust-resistant steel for its overall frame. The trampoline’s legs are in W shape which adds stability and prevent it from toppling over or wobbling. In addition to this, its high-quality springs help in providing better lift and balance.

Weather Resistant

This trampoline is ideal to be placed outdoor because of its large size. Leaving this outside your house all year round is not a problem since the materials used – from the steel to the mat – are all rust and UV-resistant. It can withstand the blazing heat of the sun and the coldness of winter.

Idealfor Working Out

You do not have to purchase a separate trampoline for your exercise routines. You can use this trampoline to do your much needed exercise. It is spacious and sturdy enough to accommodate extensive and demanding routines. This is also a safe and better reason for your children to go outside and play. This provides a fun way to entertain your children while improving their coordination, endurance and balance.


Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure has also its own setbacks that every potential buyer has to know. These drawbacks are not major issues and do not entirely affect the performance of the trampoline. However, knowing these common concerns will give you a heads up on what and what not expect.

Enclosure Sold Separately

Unlike other trampolines with enclosure, you need to purchase the enclosure separately. It does not come along with the trampoline. This can be an additional cost and a major issue for those who have limited budget. Given its size, it is highly recommended that you purchase a safety enclosure to prevent children and adults from falling off.

Low Quality Net Enclosure

Several customers are complaining on the low-quality of the material used for net enclosure. The net easily tears or the zipper gives out after a few months of use. Since this is to be purchased separately, you may need to find a better enclosure even if not of the same brand. This prevents you from spending more in changing the net every now and then.

Close Supervision

It is mandatory that adult supervision and monitoring be done when small children jump on this trampoline. With its large size, it gives a higher bounce compared to smaller trampolines. Even with the safety enclosure, you or responsible adults should keep a close eye to the children especially, if the love to bounce high or do stunts.

Buy Now: Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure

Our key takeaway from this Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure review: this is a great deal if you are looking for a sturdy, safe and affordable trampoline. This may not be considered as the best of the best or a top of the line trampoline but it is durable and sturdy enough to last long. There are many consumers who are happy and satisfied in purchasing this and they recommend greatly the importance of purchasing the net enclosure. Whether it is a cheap or expensive trampoline, proper care and maintenance are the keys in keeping them working well all the time. Get this trampoline for your family so that you will always have a memorable time with them.

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