Best Little Tikes Trampolines

This guide will help you find the Best Little Tikes Trampolines in the market, based on the collective experience of the many Little Tikes trampoline reviews we have done. The Company Little Tikes is an American based manufacturer of kids trampolines and toys since the 60s. Many of their products are well known and used in America and in many parts of the world. From their plethora of Trampolines, we have made this research based on thousands of customers reported pros and cons to give you ‘The Best Tikes Trampolines’ out there.

Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline

The top on the list of ‘The Best Little Tikes Trampolines’ is the 3’ trampoline. This product appears to be the most popular among customers and is highly recommended by Parents. Sturdy (will give many years of jumping), large jumping surface, handle bar for stability and designed for indoor use only with weight limit of 55 pounds. Springless, made with unique elastic webbing (more durable than springs and bungee cords). This is very easy to assemble.

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Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline

Little Tikes Bounce House

Our next choice is all about safety. Great Enclosed bounce area, inflatable walls and net for increased safety. Weight limit is 70 pounds, with potentially a minor issue with air leakage. The Little Tikes bounce house trampoline is outstanding in many ways.

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Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

Little Tikes 7' Trampoline

This next choice is popular and gives great value for your money because of its functionality and safety. Made with high quality steel, high quality pad-protector cover the safety springs and safety enclosure made with durable netting. Easy to assemble and great for outdoor play.

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Little Tikes Dropship Trampoline

Little Tikes With Dropship

Our next choice is very popular among both parents and kids alike because of the following features: Durable, Safe, Easy to assemble and has high weight limit of 100 pounds.

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Little Tikes 36” Toddler Trampoline

Little Tikes

This next Best Little Tikes Trampoline is very cute to look at. Sturdy, portable, large jumping surface and a nice wide handle for stability. The bouncing surface is made with a unique webbing material rather than springs or bungee, which is safer and durable.
Relatively low weight limit and Parents report that the foam on the handles tears easily. Can only be used indoor.

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Little Tikes trampolines are great for toddlers. I just had two little ones recently and got a Little Tikes Dropship Trampoline for them. They love it and it is a great way for them to burn off some energy (which seems almost limitless). The best thing about Little Tikes is that they specialize in trampolines for kids and toddlers, so they have good attention to detail and know what is the safest for little kids. This is a trampoline brand you can trust.

Do you have other trampolines you would add to our shortlist of the best Little Tikes trampolines? Please leave us a note below.

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