D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur Review

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur Review ratings: 99/100. Ultimately fun and truly ingenious, the D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur is a sure way to make your youngsters incredibly happy. No child can ever resist a dinosaur toy, how much more if it is interactive? This unique toy is designed to give your children a memorable playing experience that other toys cannot achieve. Children these days are more impressed with toys that light up, talk, make sounds and move. They love toys that act realistically because for them, they are more fun and enjoyable.

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

Spending on toys that you know your children will never get tired of playing is never a waste of money. Getting them a D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur is one way to ensure that your children will have a marvelous time and is worth every penny you spent. Read on and learn what are the perks of getting this one for your children.

State-of-the-Art Robotics

These days, one expects too much from technology and this includes, robotics. Even children know how cool and sophisticated robotics is and each of them wants to experience a real thing. This interactive toy dinosaur can be the best and the closest thing they got when it comes to robotics. It has a software that allows the toy dinosaur to move and to make sounds. Children will surely enjoy and feel excited every time they make use of its special features. This is designed not just to entertain children but also to give them a glimpse on what technology has brought to the toy world.

Amazing Features

This toy dinosaur is a big hit to children and adults alike because it is interactive. It responds to touch and voice commands. It is packed with different and entertaining modes and commands that will make your children laugh out load. When you touch its head or pet it, it roars. When it is hungry, you can place anything in its mouth and it will act as it is devouring it with gusto. This interactive dinosaur comes with a controller that has five different behaviors that can command the toy dinosaur. Among these behaviors are “attack” that lets the dinosaur move forward as if going to launch on you, “prank” that makes it burp, fart or roar and “seek” that uses a noise sensor so that it can locate you. One of the most favorite mode is the “guard” mode that prevents any intruders from getting near you. It gives out a loud roar when the toy dinosaur detects something or someone suspicious.

Excellent Design

With its amazing features, one can also expect much from its overall design. It maybe is in miniature size but it comes huge with its design concept. The Interactive Dinosaur’s skin is close in resemblance to the skin of a reptile. Its realistic, rubbery reptilian skin allows thorough movement. This toy dinosaur does not only move like a real one but it looks like one too. With its piercing, yellow eyes, humungous feet and deadly teeth, one may be too afraid to play with it at first. But once you get to see its features, you will instantly love this lovable toy dinosaur.

Perfect Toy for Children

These days, children love toys that enriches their imagination and creativity. This toy dinosaur does not only entertain you children but it allows them to be more imaginative during play time. They can re-enact events during dinosaur period or make their own scenes using it as a lead star. Instead of just watching television and computer games, playing with this toy dinosaur allows them to be more sociable with their friends.


One thing that parents hate about with some toys is they easily break. The D-Rex is well-constructed and its reptilian skin makes it more durable. Since rubber toys last long, you are sure that this toy dinosaur will be in your family for years. It does not break off easily even if your children play with them for long periods of time.

These are just some of the good points that you will enjoy if you purchase this interactive dinosaur. It is simply a lovable and adorable toy dinosaur even if it looks scary. However, there are a few drawbacks or concerns some customers find with this toy. Here are some of their concerns:


This is a pretty hefty price tag for a children’s toy. Though it is built with the latest technology and performs impressively, there are still many parents who find the price too high. Yes, it is a good toy but the price is just not that affordable for many parents.

Additional Expenses

The toy dinosaur and its controller need batteries for them to operate and work. It requires five C batteries for the dinosaur and two AAA batteries for the controller. Though batteries for the dinosaur are included with the purchase, you may need to stack up extra batteries to maximize playing time. There is a battery-saving mode which extends the life of the battery.

Not for All Children

This lifelike dinosaur may come too scary for small children. Since it looks so real and act so real, parents should monitor and supervise the children while playing to prevent any traumas. This toy is not recommended for children ages three years old and below to prevent choking incidents.

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Overall, the D-Rex is a perfect present for your children as long as you can afford it. It is an expensive toy dinosaur. However, it is named as one of the most favorite toys among children and even, adults. All get fascinated with how this toy dinosaur works and does its commands. Its reptilian skin makes it so lifelike and real that instantly impresses the adults. Its amazing features and robotics technology make children beg their parent to buy one for them. Though this is one remarkable toy, it is highly advised that parents should supervise their children while playing. When you buy this toy dinosaur for your children or for a friend, for sure they will have fun and memorable times with it.

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