Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set Review

The brand upper bounce has been well known for many years for providing their quality trampoline sets to the customers, trampolines are used as an exercising tool or to some kids it is a game. It is a fun play that children’s can do for hours nonstop. It’s kind of addictive once you get the hang of it. Many other brands have complicated small parts attachment set. And it is a hassle for anyone who is responsible to set up the trampoline. As the time goes by manufacturers understand the improvement a product needs in terms of quality and use. For that upper bounce trampoline set is new and improved, customized to give ultimate joy and fun. This also helps to keep you in shape.

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Trampoline sets are composed of some parts like the mat, frame, poles, safety pads and the net. All the materials have to be of good quality because if any of the components wears out the whole set may become useless. Upper bounce knows the importance of the quality and precision of the materials and for that they never compromise with the product manufacturing materials. Some of the features of the trampoline and enclosure set is described below for better understanding this product.

The assembling and disassembling of the trampoline

Upper bounce trampoline set has the flexibility to assemble and disassemble when required. It is an outdoor game and set up is mostly made at the backyard. It is disassembled and covered in winter for weather protection. This will keep the materials protected. This is done with ease and without any complications. No extra hardware tool is needed for this disassembling process. It can be done manually or with some basic tools. Setting it up again is also very easy.

The durable frame construction

The whole structure of the trampoline is based on the steel frame. So this needs to be durable and strong. Upper bounce trampoline frame, poles and legs are made of galvanized steel frame. It is rust resistant so it lasts longer and works as a protective shield on the frame and this also gives a good look. The frame parts are easily connectable to one another. The joints of these parts need to be strong because as someone jumps on the trampoline it creates a pressure on the frames as well. With lose or non-durable joints the set up may fall apart.

Super strong jumping mat

Jumping mat is the main component of this trampoline set. The upper bounce trampoline jumping mat is very strong and it is also durable. It is made of polypropylene mesh material and on the side 8 row stitching makes this even stronger. This does not wear or tear off easily as the base components are good. It is clear that upper bounce do not compromised with their components. This mat is attached to the frame with strings. Mat becomes bouncy while anyone performs on it. When people jump up and down this mat has the elasticity to maintain the bounce and it increases with the players jumping frequency and they can jump up really high.

Protective pads around the frame

Almost one inch thick foam pad is covered on the steel frame. This would prevent from any unwanted incident of getting hurt to occur. This foam is shock absorbent and also resists water and mildew. As the foam is of high quality this will not change the shape or wear off easily.

Upper bounce trampoline enclosure net

This is a great feature of the trampoline set and shows the many benefits of trampolining. When the kids or adults bounce on it, it is hard to predict that they would fall on the mat. Possibilities are there that one might fall out of the mat. This can cause serious injury. Thankfully the safety net is available with this set.

This ensures that your kids can bounce on it safely. it is also a weather protection net. There are two points from where you can enter and it is closed with chains and zippers. The net material is good. It would not tear off. The net is place with minimum gaps in between to ensure better safety.

The various sizes and the bouncing capacity

The upper bounce trampoline is available at different sizes. It starts from 7.5 feet to 16 feet. The price also varies with the sizes. People chose the size according to their need. if it is for the kids only then the small one would do. But if adults do exercise on this then bigger size should be selected.

This is a safe trampoline with the capacity to maintain the rider’s weight. In a standard 10 feet mat can take the load of around 200lbp.

Use of the trampoline

Some good exercises are available on this and it is very effective. This helps to maintain the physical and mental health to its optimal level. For kids it is good for health development, this keeps the brain active and good blood flow in your body.

Trampoline at reasonable price

It has various price ranges according to the size. This is quite a reasonable offer for a product that helps you exercise and great fun at the same time.


Assembling and disassembling is really easy to do
Durable frame structure gives longer stability
Bounce mat material is of high quality and it giver great performance.
Protective net is truly safe for the kids
Foam barrier also keeps the kids safe inside


It is a new product and it is made with the standard materials it has durability and strength.
It is mostly plastic type material so people should be cautious about that it does not come in contact with sharp items or it might tear off.

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Upper Bounce Trampoline Review Conclusion

The upper bounce trampoline gives great features for kids and for adults. This gives fun and enjoyment for both kids and adults. Its strong construction, quality controlled material makes it go for a longer time.

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