Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure Review

Post our Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure review, we decided to get this for our cousins as well. The trampoline is designed with durability and sustainability in mind. In the past years, a lot of people and households have seen the fun that the trampoline brings to their children. It is not solely for fun activities but now many serious jumpers and competitive gymnasts are using trampoline for their training. The company, Skywalker, makes sure that along with fun, jumpers feel safe and comfortable. It is all about creating a product that can be used for a long time and does not fail in just a few jumps.

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Skywalker 15 Rectangular Enclosure

Skywalker is the leading and trusted manufacturer of trampolines in the world. Apart from being an ISO certified, the company innovates Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure for satisfaction and safety. The company aims to provide not just fun and excitement for the whole family but a product that will not hurt the budget and can be enjoyed for a long time. Here are some of the best features of this trampoline.


Features Best Bounce

In choosing a trampoline, you want to make sure that it generates good bounce for a fun and entertaining time. Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure is a top choice when you are looking for a trampoline which main feature is its good bounce. This is because of its shape. Rectangular trampolines definitely give a better lift, control, balance and support than round trampolines. This is the reason why this trampoline is the only choice for aspiring jumpers and gymnasts.

Easy Installation

There are so many trampolines in the market today that are difficult to assemble. It takes long hours and much effort before you can enjoy the fun it gives. Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure is easy to set up. You do not need to put on your engineer cap, prepare tools or spend endless hours pouring over the manual. Just simply follow the instructions on the manual with corresponding images and in no time you will be jumping of joy.


A number of reviews have testified on the durability of this trampoline. Some of them have enjoyed the fun this trampoline gives for years. Its galvanized steel frame with reinforced T-sockets keep the trampoline secure and stable. This also prevents the overall frame from twisting. Another reason why this trampoline lasts long is the way the net is connected to the jumping mat. It does not break or disconnect easily. The net itself is made of good quality polyethylene and UV-resistant material.


The number one concern of many buyers is the safety of the trampoline. The trampoline is enclosed with a high-quality net that prevents jumpers from falling off. The mat is securely connected directly to the netting through its patented button-hole system. The jumping mat is also cushioned with a 1” thick foam that prevents any possible injuries.


Consumers choose Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure because of its size. With a 15-foot jumping pad, the whole family can jump together without a problem. This is the perfect choice for a big family where adults also want to have some fun time. Most families who purchase this trampoline have a child or children who are athletes. Its size is a big advantage for aspiring jumpers and gymnasts who are regularly practicing or preparing for a competition.

Weather Proof

This trampoline is a great addition for your backyard. The trampoline itself can bear the ever-changing weather because this is made of heavy duty and high-quality materials. You will not have to worry placing it under the blazing heat of the sun because the mat and net are both UV-resistant or the frames getting rusted. Each part is built to withstand the outdoor.


This 15-foot, rectangular trampoline is such a steal especially, with its size and brand. This is definitely the ideal price for a family who is looking for fun and entertainment without spending too much.


Many buyers are claiming that they have found an amazing trampoline at an affordable price. However, just like any other products this trampoline has its own set of drawbacks that buyers should be aware of.

Parts are not Labeled

Yes, installation may be easy especially, with the manuals having pictures on how to assemble for better understanding but for first-time trampoline users assembling this trampoline can be hard. Since the parts are not labeled, they have to guess on which one goes to what part. This can be pretty time-consuming and confusing. Other users find the instructions vague and hard to understand. It is always better to assemble this trampoline with someone for faster and easier set up.

Outdoor Use Only

Given its big size, it is difficult for anyone to move this trampoline from one place to another. Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure is ideal for outdoor use only. This poses a problem especially, when it is raining or snowing heavily outside. You and your children cannot fully enjoy the fun this trampoline will give.


Safety can be a disadvantage with this trampoline because of its size. Since this is a large trampoline, it gives a bounce that is far greater than smaller size trampolines. Children should always be supervised and monitored by adults while they are jumping. They should not be left alone. Safety guidelines should be strictly observed so that there will be no injuries or accidents.

Buy Now: Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure

Overall, Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure is a remarkable and amazing trampoline that all families should have to give their children to play outside and enjoy the sun. These days, dragging your children outside to play can be challenging especially, with the presence of television and computer. Also, trampolines can be a good accompaniment for your exercise routines. There are now many exercise programs that include trampolines in their routine to create a fun and interesting workout. This trampoline does not only exhibits durability, safety and security but it is also very affordable. You can never find a large size trampoline at this price. So go ahead and surprise your family and give a new twist to your weekend activity.

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