Sensory Baby Game

The Power of Touch

The most important form of touch is
that between parents and their babies. A sensory baby game as well as
hugs, kisses and cuddles is comforting to babies as well as helping
their brains to grow! Rocking you baby and playing touching games
strengthens your bonds with each other and will help your baby to
develop visually.

Once your baby is sitting up you can
hang objects within his reach. With a little help from you to reach for a
bell on a string he will quickly realize that his actions have an
effect. Not only does the bell move but it also makes a noise! His role
then automatically becomes one that is more active after spending his
first few months of life being a passive onloooker.

Playing a sensory baby game

Touching Games
touching and kissing your baby communicate to him that he is loved and
cherished. As well as the touching you do in the normal course of the
day, there are many other touching games that you can play.
blowing on different parts of your baby’s body and talking or singing
about each body part will help him to learn the parts of his body while
interacting with you. Avoid blowing in a young babies face until they
are at least 3-4 months old- it can startle them. Instead blow on his
feet, palms, fingers and neck.

is a soothing way to teach your baby about the benefits of touch.
Gently and slowly massaging your baby is relaxing for you both! Be sure
not to apply too  much pressure and make sure the room is nice and
warm.  A great time for a massage is when your baby is a bit restless in
the evening. Add a drop of lavender oil to the massage oil (use almond
or olive oil) and see your baby relax, ready for a good night’s sleep!

Let’s Make Noise!
cot bumpers and cloth books now come with crinkly paper inside them as
do hanging toys for prams or overhead playgyms. You can also fill
plastic bottles with lentils, nuts or small bells for your baby to
shake or roll around at home.
All of these baby games teach your baby about cause and effect and encourage her to explore her environment.
She will also enjoy banging a wooden spoon against a saucepan or other objects as well as exploring different rattles.

Make sure any containers you use can be sealed tightly without the risk
of the contents spilling out. I prefer to recycle small plastic bottles
like those for supplements or tablets with child-proof lids to be
completely safe.

Furry, Smooth, Soft
can have very limited tactile sensation, laying on a playmat or being
in a bouncing chair all the time. Be sure to give them plenty of
different items to touch and feel; objects that are soft, hard, squishy,
smooth, furry, coarse, wet… just make sure they are also safe to go
into a mouth! Another way for him to explore is to let him play on
different surfaces without any clothes when the weather is warm enough.
He can use his whole body to feel the different textures and also have
the opportunity to start rolling (at about 4-5 months) and kicking
against different surfaces.

Babies who are given more nappy-free play time where they can freely
kick their legs are able to improve their muscle tone and co-ordination
in readiness for walking. Attaching bells to her ankles will make the
baby game even more fun!

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