Family Kids Toys

Imaginative play for the whole family

Buying family kids toys is the perfect solution to kids who do not want to share ‘their own’ toys. If you’re sick of breaking up petty fights every day of the week then think about buying toys and play equipment that can be shared amongst your kids and even their friends. 

It might take a little more thought and investment on your part but buying kids family toys will provide opportunities for varied play possibilities for your all of your kids together. 

Just think, even when friends come over there won’t be those squabbles over who plays with the ‘best toy’ because they can all play with it! Our Top Picks for family kids toys include indoor play ideas, imaginative play and even a sprinkling of outdoors fun! Read on…

Kids Art Easel / blackboard

A kids easel provides opportunities for painting, drawing, chalk and whiteboard markers making it a truly versatile family kids toy.

A traditional art easel  has a blackboard on one side and markerboard on the other with plenty of room for paints, brushes and chalk in the bottom tray.

More kids easels..

Dress Ups box

The ultimate in kids pretend play is dressing up. A dress-ups box can be a large old blanket box or trundle to keep all those necessary props and clothes in. Your child can help you to decorate or paint the dress-up box to give it your own stamp of individuality.

Kids Art / Activity table

A durable work table is perfect for all kinds of creative activities. You can even get tables that fit up to 6 children!

Features on kids activity tables can include- a chalkboard tabletop surface with a paper cutter, recessed cup holes and canvas storage bags for drawing implements and toys. Perfect for chalk, painting, drawing, play dough, lego, puzzles……and plenty more.

sandbox / sandpit

Sandboxes come in a huge range of styles and options but offer a huge range of creative play opportunities for kids.

We have a specially dedicated page to help you make a decision on what suits your kids, how much room you have and your budget.

Outdoor play equipment

Kids outdoor play equipment can be as simple as a swing set, or as substantial as a permanent cubby house or adventure playground. 

Read our outdoor play equipment guide to better understand what you need to think about before investing in a large piece of kids play equipment.

Train Tables

If you have train lover in your family, then you’ve experienced the angst at when the train set has to be packed away to make room for another play activity.  

A permanent table with train set offers endless opportunities to build new layouts and find new play possibilities. We recommend solid sets with plenty of room for add ons. Wooden tracks usually with magnetic trains, also have available- vehicles, bridges, control towers, and more accessories that can gradually be added to your collection!

wendy house / kids indoor tent

Cubby houses and tents are the ultimate in family kids toys especially for toddlers, with the excitement of crawling through the tunnel and secrecy of parents not being allowed in!

Tents and tunnels can usually be used separately or together. Some are made of more durable materials making them long-lasting and often resistant to UV rays making them suitable for indoors or outdoors play.

Kids play Kitchen

A child sized kitchen provides the setting for your little gourmet to cook and dish out whatever their imagination can cook up. A quality unit will have movable dials, opening drawers and oven and sink with tap, making it as close as you get to the real thing (minus the dishes!!).

**HOT TIP- If you purchase family kids toys like a sandbox or kitchen that require accessories, then make sure you provide plenty to share around. It’s not much fun having a kitchen without plenty of pots, pans and spoons. Similarly with a sandbox- buckets, spades, moulds and diggers will all give plenty of opportunities for varied playing possibilities.

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