Child Party Games

A Mix of Games, Activities and Crafts for Your Next Kids Party

child party games

the right child party games and a party theme is of prime importance to
your child no matter what their age. About the only exception to this is for one year olds- which are important, but a much bigger deal for parents than for the birthday boy or girl!

Most kids have a good idea of what they want and by allowing them to make
some of the decisions about their party they will feel much more involved.

Once your children hit 3 and 4 years
old their birthday party will become a highly anticipated event. And
just wait until they hit 7, 8 and beyond- kids parties hit a scale that you would not believe!

Help for Kids Parties

kids will be able to help with invitations, costumes and maybe even
some of the food preparation. After sitting down with your child and
thinking about the theme, child party games, and cake, you will start
getting an idea of the type of party you want to have.

out our huge range of FREE party printables to suit the theme of just
about any party! Print off some party coloring sheets for your next
birthday party.

Here’s some help..

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Planning Makes Perfect

relatively small amount of time spent planning is invaluable and will
make the whole day more enjoyable for everyone involved. After all the idea is to have a fun and memorable day, not add grey hairs to your head!

More Kids Party Planning help if you are new to planning parties.

child doesn’t need the biggest party of the year, just a day full of
friends and fun.
If you feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of having your first kids
party (like I was!) then just keep it small and don’t try to do too

After bouncing around some
party ideas with your child a few weeks before the big day, you have
three main possibilities for the style of party to throw. They are each
dependent on two key things; your energy levels and your budget.

  •    Home Party / Small Budget
    the child party games, food, music, cake and any other requirements are
    provided by you. This style of party requires the most organisation but
    probably gives the greatest sense of satisfaction when the day is over
    (and the fact that everyone survives to tell the tale!!). It is
    definitely worthwhile enlisting the help of older kids, partners or
    other mums so that you don’t have to run around like a crazy person on
    the day of the party trying to do everything by yourself.
  •    Home Party with Entertainment / Medium Budget
    you provide all of the above but bring in fairies, superheroes, farm
    animals and the like, to provide the entertainment and child party
    games. Bringing in entertainment takes a good amount of the organising
    off your shoulders. This party allows you to enjoy yourself, take plenty
    of photos or video, and keep everyone happy.
  •    Party Elsewhere / Big Budget
    great for those of us with brand new babies at home, or really hectic
    schedules. This party is at a venue- a play center, fairy cave or
    similar where parents drop off their kids for 1-2 hours who are then
    involved in games and activities. There is no stress about having your
    house tidy, coping with the organisation for the party or the masses of
    little bodies on the day.

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