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The greatest aspect of educational child learning games is that they don’t need to be in a structured environment.

Many of them can be played as you walk down the street or drive in the car which makes them really easy on parents. They are mess free and only require your time and imagination.

Whenever your child plays they are learning and so this learning is not thought of as work or a chore. Play is nature’s way of enabling children to be continuously learning in their early years. The most important aspect to your child is that it is fun.

The main concepts that are being grasped in child learning games are;

 Numbers– numbers are all around us.  Counting, sequence, basic addition and subtraction will naturally be a part of your life at the supermarket, in the car, and in so many other situations 

Letters– words, language, written and verbal skills. Playing simple letter and word games with toddlers extends to learning how to read.

Measuring– sorting, comparisons, shapes and sizes. Doing puzzles is also a way to develop these skills- and most kids love puzzles!

Memory Games – games with flash cards, as well as verbal games will work with memory and concentration

Online Educational Games – involve plenty of fun while kids can also learn how to use a mouse and a keyboard.

As parents all we need to do is encourage our kids and give them plenty of praise to ensure that their first attempt at something is not their last. The more young children are able to have enjoyable experiences, the more they will seek out new experiences. 

Enjoy playing these simple learning games with your children and delight in their intelligence and creativity.

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