Easter 2014

Easter Crafts, Games and Traditions

Easter 2014 is here which means its time for some cool kids Easter crafts like painting Easter eggs, coloring some Easter printables or making an Easter Gift Basket. How about playing some old-time Easter games and taking some time to learn about the meaning behind Easter. 

Here’s some easy Easter crafts your family can enjoy whether you have younger or older children…

Fun Kids Easter Crafts

Good old fashioned Easter fun with eggs- there are a few different ways for the kids to enjoy dyeing eggs – first decide whether you want to blow eggs or hard boil them (easier for the littlies!)

Looking for a cheap Easter craft for preschoolers – this one uses egg cartons and colored paper – too easy!

These gorgeous felt Easter bunnies make a nice change from working with eggs or chocolate and are great Easter craft for older kids who like to sew. We turned them into keyrings, or they could be given as a toy to a youngster

Make this simple but gorgeous Easter tree with paint swatches. Toddlers can practice their cutting skills and even try out a hole punch!

Once you’ve dyed some eggs you can make this simple yet sweet Easter basket, including your very own little chicks.

Looking for some Easter coloring fun? Lots of Easter printables to choose from so the kids can make an Easter card, or just enjoy quiet coloring time

Easter games traditionally revolve around the idea of Spring coming, being outdoors, and many involve the use of eggs. From Egg Rolling or Egg Shackling through to an Egg and Spoon Race, a Bunny Hop or everyone’s favorite the Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Dates 2014

Easter dates are decided using the cycles of the moon which is why the dates can vary from anywhere between March 22nd and April 25th. 

Easter celebrations last for eight days, for those who are traditional, starting on Palm Sunday and finishing on Easter Monday. It is known as Holy Week and is a mixture of solemness, remembering the death of Jesus Christ, and joy, at his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

April 13th – Palm Sunday
April 18th – Good Friday
April 20th – Easter Sunday
April 21st – Easter Monday
April 20th – Easter Sunday (Orthodox)

Christians around the world celebrate Easter in many different ways. Easter eggs are a universal symbol for Easter and there are lots of different methods for coloring Easter eggs. In parts of Europe wooden eggs are delicately painted, while in other parts of the world hens eggs are blown or cooked and decorated with dyes or paint. Other popular Easter crafts include making an Easter bonnet, some Bunny Ears, or an Easter Basket.

specially painted Easter Eggs

**Did you know- Eggs are the symbol that new life is beginning. Eggs and chicks at Easter came from early origins before Christ when the festival celebrated the coming of Spring. The word Easter originates from the goddess Eostre who brought the world back to life each year with the coming of Spring.

**Have you heard of the Easter Bilby? Find out more about this endangered animal.

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