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Simple Time Spent with Your Emerging Little personality

In the twelve months between one and two years of age you can look forward to; tantrums, toilet training and the first attempts at putting a sentence together. Sound like a busy year?

It is, but also a joyful one in seeing the personality of your little person emerge.

Most of our toddler games are free, simply because they involve you spending some special time with your little one, enjoy it! As you as you provide them with a comfortable playing environment, they will be happy as Clean Air Mom will tell you.

Relax and Enjoy!

The life of a toddler does not need to be day after day of organized activities or toddler games. They need quiet and busy times, routines and challenges just like adults.

Don’t feel as if you need to constantly entertain your child. If you fall into this trap you will still be entertaining him when he is three and four and should be happy to spend time alone playing.

Rhythm and Routine

It is good to have some rhythm to her life; knowing that on Thursdays you go to the library, on Mondays to playgroup, have a special breakfast on Saturdays, but allow flexibility too.

If she wants to play in the bath in the middle of the day or wear crazy clothes around the house then let her- and more importantly, have fun with it!

What Sort of Play are You After?

toddler_painting imaginative_play playing_baby_indoors standing_toddler_2

You can enjoy playing many interactive games which allow you to spend quality time together, prepare him socially and also have lots of fun!
If your toddler is computer savvy then check out our top toddler websites, designed especially for inquiring little minds.

Between 12 and 24 months your toddler will have much more interest in putting things together, poking, prodding and other games involving manual dexterity. His manipulation and fine motor skills develop as he learns to use his wrist and different grasps depending on the objects he is presented with.

She will show you her first signs of creativity, using a crayon and a paintbrush and enjoying the texture of modelling materials like play dough and clay. Don’t expect any great artworks, she is simply learning how to use new tools and relishing in the praise you give for her masterpieces.

Not all toddlers are walking at 12 months, but there are particular activities you can do to encourage him. Once he is stable on his feet it is now a matter of learning how to stop, sit, and start. Again there are many toddler games and a few specific toys that will promote mobility.

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