Learn To Read

Creating a Love of Books and Reading

We know that children
learn how to read at different ages and stages, but as parents we can
help our children become good readers by supporting their early efforts
at reading and making the learning process fun.

Reading books together, well before your kids are old enough will instil a love of books from an early age.

daughters got to the stage where they would be in tears if a ‘bedtime
story’ was off the cards for any reason.

A story at bedtime is a calming and intimate
way to end the day, and might be your child’s only chance for a bit of
one-on-one time with you, making it something they very much look forward to.

learning to read

Even when you are reading to your child you are teaching them simple phonic (reading ) rules.

  • that we read from left to right,
  • pictures often tell some of the story
  • younger children can start recognizing letters and then simple words

All of this helps kids in their own first efforts to read.

Early Readers

Learning to read takes
lots of practice, so giving children the opportunity to practice at
home, with parents as well as using educational software allows them to
explore and enjoy discovering letters and words and get your
encouragement along the journey.

Following are some recommended books for kids of varied ages..

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