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Children naturally want to be physical and by encouraging outdoor play
they are happier and healthier kids.

Best of all for us parents, a
couple of hours of outdoors activity always has them falling into bed at
a delightfully early hour, with a solid sleep after all that strenuous activity.

But What to Play?
Most kids relish being able to play noisy
active games, getting wet, and painting
– all activities that usually don’t happen indoors, and just generally
getting some good ol’ fashioned fresh air into their lungs.

Whether it’s
water play or building a snowman they will always find an activity for outdoors no matter what the conditions.

Dirt is Good…
Even when your kids are just playing in the dirt and mud they are learning. Nature provides a wealth of experiences in plants,
animals, the weather, and aspects of science just by spending time out in the environment. On those beautiful days even when you only have ten minutes to fill there are some great activities without any set up or mess, just a chance to enjoy the sunshine and have some fun!

So let them get wet, let them get dirty and let them just plain enjoy the great outdoors!

Painting – the perfect outdoor activity, just get yourself an easel, or set up on the lawn, and kids will paint for hours!

Active outdoor games – simple active games to help kids burn off some excess energy, or for your next outdoor kids party.

Nature games and activities – encourage a love of nature, plants and animals with simple activities in the outdoors.

Weather games – rain, hail or shine, there will be outdoor activities that you can enjoy.

Water fun – whether in the backyard, cooling down in hot weather, or helping to water the garden, there are plenty of joyous water activities for kids to enjoy

10 minute activities–¬† quick and simple games and activities – pure fun!

More outdoor fun of course can be had with suitable  play equipment, a trampoline or sandbox. See our buying guides for more help.

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