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Playing kids online games is a great way for our children to learn, especially for preschoolers and toddlers. More and more are surfing the web and the primary use of the internet for this age group involves playing games online on their favorite websites. Isn’t it amazing to see how quickly they learn!

Children are like sponges at this age and will very quickly learn how to use a mouse, the keypad, scroll bar and other basic computer skills. My four year old already knows exactly where to find her saved favorites and how to flick between screens to play different games.

For parents trying to find kids online games, software or websites there are a mass of options out there. We aim to make the decisions easier for you by giving practical advice about kids’ websites that are aimed at the age group that best relates to you.

Got older kids and worried about them playing violent games? Here’s some advice..

More Kids Websites Online..

Of course kids will have their own online favorites-

While parents will probably lean more towards websites that have some educational merit-

Which ever direction you are leaning, you will be able to return here to save time and money by having a handy resource of kid friendly websites at your fingertips.

**TIP – The internet is an amazing resource for educational and play activities for kids but their safety should also be foremost in our minds. Whether through spam emails, chat rooms, websites with adult content or a number of other sources, parents need to protect their children from inappropriate content, and cyber-stalkers. More on this important topic soon…

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