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Easy Kids Craft Idea and Projects

Children naturally love to make things and like nothing more than showing you their handiwork. 

For a young child crafts and other artistic endeavours are great activities for confidence building and self-expression. 

Craft projects help children develop dexterity by using scissors, tearing, pasting, and drawing with different mediums. They learn that they are able to make things happen and also freely express themselves. 

child crafts including play dough, painting, papier mache and more

There are now two ways to search for your desired kids craft activity…

Kids Craft Projects – Festive and Seasonal Events

For kids crafts by occasion- Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and so on, go to our new easy reference section!

Varied Craft Projects for Kids

For simple craft activities for any occasion, use the images and links below.

Child crafts can involve simple painting, play dough or cutting and pasting on to slightly more complex projects like papier mache, puppet making and modelling.

Getting Set Up for Kids Crafts! It’s brand new, check it out.

Kids Painting – most kids love painting whether it involves using a paintbrush, straw, fingers or feet!

Getting started– choosing paints, setting up and deciding what to paint with! Get some inspiration with a host of fun painting projects for kids..

Paper Mache – trying out paper mache for the first time?

Here’s the guide, as well as a few papier mache recipes, or maybe you want to make your own pinata?

Modelling – gooey squishy fun, you just have to decide between play dough, modelling clay and plasticine. Making your own play dough is easy and cheap!

Puppets – interested in making finger, hand, pompom or kitchen spoon puppets?

Here’s some puppet ideas to get you started..

Collage is a combination of ripping, snipping and pasting, and most kids love it! Here’s what you need to set them up for a whole lot of collage fun…

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