Kids Trampolines – Age, Size and Shape

Trampolines for Kids – Consider Age, Size and Shape..

Kids trampolines have been long time favorites, I recall as a kid having friends who had a trampoline – we could never think up enough reasons to go and play at their house!

kids trampolines - now availble in all shapes and sizes to suit your kids

There’s definitely something about trampolines that kids just love and fortunately now there are so many shapes and sizes available, you can buy one to suit any yard (or even your living room!)

Before you start shopping for a trampoline for kids, take a look at the age of your children, how many of them there are, and think about what size and shape of trampoline is going to suit them. 

Toddler Trampolines

If you have children aged under 4 then there are a whole range of toddler trampolines that are designed especially for little people their size – both indoors and outdoors models being available. 

Kids Trampolines – Older Kids

In the last 5-10 years there has been a huge change in the range of trampolines for kids that are available. The majority of kids trampolines now come with a safety net – making trampolines much safer than they used to be. 

That said, you can still purchase rectangular and octagonal trampolines, as well as round ones without nets.

Whether your trampoline is netted or not, safety needs to be a primary consideration. There are plenty of trampoline parts and accessories which are a requirement in maintaining your trampoline. 

There are also trampoline games available giving your kids more play options.

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Which Shape Trampoline is Best?

When choosing a shape for your trampoline keep the following points in mind..

  • Round trampolines are designed to keep the bouncer in the center and are good for novices and younger users          

         8ft trampolines 

         10 ft trampolines 

         12 ft trampolines 

         14 ft trampolines 

         16 ft trampolines

  • Rectangular trampolines provide the highest bounce, and provide the most room on the trampoline and are better suited to more experienced users or those wanting to experiment with somersaults and tricks.
  • Octagonal trampolines give a softer bounce, and also a higher lift than round trampolines and are the safest trampoline.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Trampolines range from tiny toddler 4 foot trampolines right up to a massive 16ft trampoline, which will keep even teenagers and adults happy!

Your backyard may restrict the style of trampoline you purchase. You should be looking to have 6 feet clear of each side of the trampoline for safety, but if you are buying a newer style spring free kids trampoline with a net, you can get away with a little less than this. 

More safety tips here…

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