Nature Games and Activities

Appreciating the World Around Us

Kids love spending time
outside so what better way to amuse them than with some nature games
that also give them a love of gardening and observation of the life that
exists around them.

A great way to improve
your children’s awareness is to spend time in the garden, simply
observing the changing of the seasons and interacting with nature.

Learning about the cycles of life for plants and animals will endlessly
occupy children. Because there are so many different nature games we
have divided them into three categories as follows:

Animals in Nature
Animal watching
improves the powers of observation and makes kids aware of the
activities of animals in their area. Children also love learning about
the transformations of animals during their life-cycle. They will be
amazed by the caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly and the egg
turning into a tiny hatchling.

Fun nature games and outdoor activities to have your kids enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature.

There are great books available if you live in an area with a good variety of birds. With careful observation while you are out walking you can often see birds nests and get to know local birds that come to your area at different times of the year.

Plants, Gardening and the Environment
Kids love to help so if you are spending time in the garden
there are endless ways to keep children occupied. They will love
tasting any fruit or vegetables that you produce, and be amazed at
seeing flowers become fruit and vegetables. We also have some special
activities especially for kids, to see a plants growth right before
their eyes.

**TIP – If you have fussy eaters, a great way to get kids eating (and learning) more vegetables and fruits is to grow them. Snow peas, beans and capsicums are now favorites of my kids.

Discovering Science and Environmental Activities
Other outdoors learning activities
that take in nature include

  • camping in your backyard,
  • making bark rubbings,
  • collecting seeds and pods
  • using colored leaves for fall crafts
  • night nature walks

and plenty more fun activities that all promote a love of nature.

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