Baby Halloween Costume

Keep your infant happy this Halloween

An infant or baby halloween costume needs to be selected with a few comfort and safety aspects
in mind for your child. When selecting, or trying to make a costume for
Halloween, ideally it should fit them as snugly as any of their other
clothes so that they are not scratchy or uncomfortable. Nobody needs a
grumpy baby making the day difficult simply because they are itchy!

Speaking of how they will look, that is your next major
consideration. Do you want a baby vampire or mini witch? Not many people
do, most go for sweeter Halloween imagery like pumpkins, angels or even
a cute animal like a rabbit or bumble bee when thinking about baby
costumes for Halloween.

baby halloween costume

Lots of other standard
Halloween adornments generally will not be appropriate for babies, especially a newborn-
excessive face paints, wigs and the like will only upset a small baby. A
bit of eyeliner or facepaint on the nose will generally suffice for the
‘cuteness factor’ but any more than that will be difficult to get on
your baby for starters, and probably even harder to wash off. Depending
on their age, they may wear a simple mask for a while.

Likewise with accessories, safety must be kept in mind for the
baby- remember they will put anything they can into their mouth so
double check your costume to be sure that it’s baby friendly!

couple of really easy infant or newborn costumes which you can make at home with just a
tiny bit of hand sewing or even a glue gun if you really can’t sew, are-

Super Hero-
requires a simple red cape which you can cut out of jersey so that it’s
comfortable and a soft foam mask. Now all you have to do is get your
youngster to keep the mask on!

Cute Cow-
requires a white jumpsuit with some black felt circles sewn/glued on,
white & pink felt ears which are attached to the hood. You can use a
length of rope, frayed at the end for a tail. If your baby suit does
not have a hood you can always attach the ears to a headband.

Black Cat-
similar to the cow can be done for a cat. Dye a jumpsuit black,
sew/glue on black & pink felt ears and attach a tail of rope which
you can dye when you are dying the jumpsuit.

Ladybird/ Ladybug
– dress your baby in black and use a red vest as the ladybird’s body.
Sew/glue black felt circles to the body. Make antennae by twirling pipe
cleaners around a headband or stick to a black cap/beanie.

you go with, your baby halloween costume will be the talk of the party, whether they are a
Little Devil or a cutey Lettuce Head- just be ready for them to be the
butt of a few Halloween jokes if they are lucky enough to be dressed as a
Whoopie Cushion or a Skunk!

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