Balloon Games

games with balloons

A party just isn’t a party
without balloons, but using them for balloon games keeps kids excited
and active as they like nothing more than chasing them around!

Here’s a
variety of games with balloons, most requiring very little skill, which can be played
indoors or outdoors. If balloon games are being played indoors you will
need a large space with furniture and breakables safely cleared away.

Games with Balloons

Spinning Balloons
Great game for all age groups as it requires no skill and most kids love the noise and vision of balloons deflating!
child has a balloon which they blow up (with help for the youngsters)
and hold by the neck as they wait for the signal. All kids should be
standing in a line and need to let go of their balloon. The one that
travels the furthest distance from the line wins.

Popping and Pinching
favorite of the balloon games as it involves actively seeking out
balloons to burst! Your kids will be squealing with delight!
child has a balloon tied to their ankle with string. The object of the
game is to burst other kid’s balloons by whatever means they can,
pinching, stomping or squashing, but keep their own balloon from popping
at the same time. The winner is the last child with an inflated

Balloon Volleyball
This balloon game can be played indoors, or outdoors on a calm day.
a string or net at head height to divide the space. Players are divided
into two teams and space themselves on either side of the net. The
balloon is served across the net and remains in play until it touches
the ground or cannot be returned. The first team to reach twenty are the

Balloon Fight
child receives a balloon with their name on it. Once they are given the
signal the need to follow their own balloon constantly hitting or
kicking it to keep it off the ground. At the same time they can hit
other balloons onto the ground. The winner is the last player to keep
their balloon in the air.

Balloon Hop
Children need to be old enough to blow up their own balloon. They can use team mates to help them tie their balloon though.
are divided into two equal teams and are assigned a color. Two piles
of balloons, are placed on two chairs at the end of the room. The number
of balloons need to match the number of children on each team. On the
signal the first player hops to the chair, picks up a balloon and hops
back. Player 2, 3 and so on, do the same until all players have a
balloon. Now they all have to blow up their balloons and tie the up. The
first team to have all balloons tied wins the game.

**TIP- Don’t forget to keep extra balloons, as kids simply love having a balloon to take home as a memento of the party.

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