Birthday Party Crafts

Make Something to Take Home

Birthday party crafts are a great way to involve your party guests while also giving them a special something to take home.

a party craft project can be a great alternative to giving prizes for
games or for when outside games are not an option. All the kids get
to feel like winners, taking home a special object that they created
during the course of the party.

When choosing a party
craft idea keep in mind what the kids will have fun making and taking
home as well as fitting with the theme. For the under 6’s many party
craft activities will require parent participation. If you have a
limited number of helpers present then you might like to sit everyone
around a table where you can be aiding several children at once or
alternatively do a demonstration for them all.

Our Top Ideas…

Hats- Wizards/Crowns/Tiaras
Hats can be suited to many themes and are just as good for boys as they are for girls.

need colored or shiny paper depending on the type of hat, stickers,
jewels, lengths of shiny or textured paper, elastic string, scissors,
gluesticks and a stapler.
You can give the children a set length of
time and give a prize for the best hat as voted by the group. Usually
around 10-20 minutes will be long enough for everyone to have finished
and be ready to proudly display their handiwork.

Before deciding on an idea, do a practice run the week before the
party. Lay out all the materials required and the make the object
yourself (with your child!) to determine whether it will be easy and fun
for your guests. Before the party lay out a set of materials for each
child and a couple of containers of scissors, elastic and other extras
that they can all share.

beads for kids birthday party crafts

provide a wealth of opportunities for birthday party crafts, and
beyond! Quite large packets can be bought at reasonable prices which can
be used to make necklaces or bracelets or even to decorate shaped
cardboard boxes (jewellery boxes or treasure chests). After the party’s
over there will be plenty left for other rainy day activities.

If you are struggling for ideas for a birthday party craft idea, just
head down to your local craft/haberdashery store. There are a huge range
of craft ideas and you will be able to get an idea of the price of
items before you make a final decision.

Personalize a Door Hanger
party craft idea that can suit boys or girls. The door hangers are
readily available at craft suppliers and can be decorated using paint,
textas, stickers and jewels.

Make a Spider
good one especially for the boys or a Halloween party. This is a simple and mess
free craft which only needs lollypops and pipecleaners. The pipecleaners
are twisted and bent to form spider legs or indeed any other
creepy-crawly you can think of. The children will come up with plenty of
novel creatures of their own!

If you are going to have the kids painting at your party make sure you
put it on the party invitations. Most of us dress our kids in their best
clothes for parties, so either a change of clothes or a well covering
smock are a good idea for paint activities.

Fairies- Fairy Ring/ Fairy Wand
majority of little girls have some sort of fairy outfit so a fairy
party is a good excuse for them to wear it and to make a magical
accessory to take home. Fairy rings are simple to make needing only
metal fairy rings, beads, and ribbons. Likewise for wands, it is easier
to paint them before the party and supply the kids with jewels, glue,
and sparkly stickers to personalise their own.

Play Dough
is a tried and trusted activity for the 3’s and under. You will be best
to provide plastic mats or boards for each child to play on, a range of
play dough colours, plenty of shapes for cutting, rolling pins and
plastic knives. The results aren’t permanent but they will have a great
time squishing and squashing!

You can make your own play dough prior to the party, and get some plastic containers so all the kids can take their playdough home.

simple birthday party craft idea for younger children is to provide themed pictures or
coloring books and stickers. They can colour and stick to their little
hearts content. The pictures can be photocopied, hand drawn or actual
colouring books that match the theme of your party which can then be
taken home in a loot bag.

We have huge range of coloring printable pages for you to choose from for your next themed party, or even just if you are looking for animals, or other kids favorites.

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