Books for Kids and Toddlers

Encouraging a Love of Reading

I am a big fan of books
for kids and of reading aloud to children. I have many happy memories
being snuggled up on our special reading chair with a good book.

I have
seen my children be engaged, amused, scared but most of all in
love with the experience, their imaginations fired by the characters and

These books are more for 2-4 year olds- we have more books for slightly older children, as well as baby books right here.

books for kids and toddlers

The following authors and stories have all been read in our home, and
choosing our favorites has been a hard task. There are so many great
books for kids out there, hopefully these just act as a launching place
from which you can head in your own direction happily lead by the
interests of your child.

Shirley Hughes- The Nursery Collection
Five books by artist-writer Hughes-have been collected into one big, volume. In each of her
books the same children (Alfie and sister Annie Rose) explore their world, at home and outdoors in the seasons, and have all kinds of wonderful experiences. The pictures alone provide a wealth of detail for children to explore.
These stories are particularly suited to families with more than one child as they spend time on
the fluctuating relationships between siblings. Great soothing bedtime books.

Other books by Shirley Hughes- Alfie and the Birthday Party Surprise, Dogger, Annie Rose is my Little Sister and Out and About.

John Burningham- The Magic Bed
It is time for Georgie to get a new bed, to his dismay he gets an old bed from a used furniture
store that is supposed to be magic. He soon discovers that it can take him on many great adventures. Every night he embarks on a new and different journey: through the jungle, swimming with dolphins, and racing geese and witches. While he is on vacation, his granny buys a new bed and sends the old one to the dump. Georgie manages to rescue it and flies it for one last adventure. A great story for a child who is moving from a cot to a bed.

Other John Burningham books- Cannonball Simp, Mr Gumpy’s Outing and Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car.

Pamela Allen- Who Sank the Boat?
This book has a very simple plot but builds tension as we wait to find out who it was who
actually sank the boat. The cast includes an array of animals, knitting, carrying umbrellas and carrying out other bizarre activities.
A great rhyming story for younger children, this book is also great for older kids who will
question the reason that the boat is sinking, and lead to further discussion about the inherent qualities of water.

Another great book by Pamela Allen is Mr Archimedes Bath which explores similar concepts as his bath keeps overflowing, but can Mr Archimedes work out why?

Margaret Wild- Kiss Kiss
Bright and vivid illustrations and a sweet storyline of Baby Hippo who forgot to kiss his mama on
his way out. This book is suitable for the very young but also appropriate for those who are learning to read. There is a gentle repetition of text and a book full of familiar creatures, with Baby Hippo making amends in the end.

Other books- Rememeber Me, Tom Goes to Kindergarten, Our Granny.

Anne Miranda- To Market To Market
What begins with the traditional nursery rhyme turns into a crazy affair filled with mayhem. The
book includes wonderful illustrations that bring it to life. The home’s interior is shown in black and white photos with the woman and animals being colorful and vibrant in colour and expression.   The repetition, and rhyme make this book an ideal choice. There are many funny details in the illustrations like the lamb in the dishwasher and the dishevelled looking woman who becomes more and more frustrated at the state of her house. More and more lovely details to discover with each repetition of the book.

Other books- Monster Math, Alphabet Fiesta (English and Spanish) and other stories suited to younger children.

Other recommended
authors- Bob Graham, Anthony Brown, Eric Carle, Mick Inkpen, Janet and
Allen Ahlberg, and of course Mem Fox- Possum Magic is an Australian

*TIP – You can add your own most-loved books below, we are happy to have your recommendations..

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