Cedar Swing Set

Low maintenance and high quality Kids playsets

You may have decided that you want a swing set, and have a preference for a cedar swing set for its low maintenance and high quality.  Many families go for a timber swing set over their metal equivalents.

cedar swing set

Why? Because they are hard-wearing, visually attractive and will entertain children for many years with different features that can be added on. A small wooden swing set can gradually grow into an adventure playground as your family grows too.

When selecting timbers, cedar and redwood are naturally pest and rot resistant and do not require sealing. Pine outdoor playsets are the cheaper option, but they do require regular sealing.

You will find smaller cedar playsets under $500, but most of the bigger sets which feature multiple play options are above $1000. 

Budget Cedar Swing Sets $500 and less

.Southern Deluxe Heavy Duty Wooden Swing Set – Adult Rated

This heavy duty cedar wooden swing set includes everything you need and is rated for adult weight capacity! It features a wave slide, two swing sets, monkey bars/trapeze bar and a shade cover.

The Cedar valley has just about every accessory your kids could want in an outdoor playset. It comes with a solid wooden roofed cubby with windows, a dormer and 2 crow's nest look outs. Twist and Ride Tube Slide. Steering wheel and telescope. Spin chalk sign. 2 belt swings with soft-grip chain and acrobatic swing.

Cedar Valley Lodge Wooden Swing Set

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