Celebrity Dress Up Games

Celebrity Dress Up Games

Your Fave Celebrities In Need of Cool Threads- Dressing Up Online

Need celebrity dress up games? We’ve got 10 of the best… Whether it’s Madonna, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson or Leonardo Di Caprio, dressing up your favorite star to be totally cool or downright dorky is loads of entertainment.

madonna paper doll

These dress up games are better suited to school aged kids who will be much more into their celebrities as well as being able to understand some of strange lingo like, “Where the fly laydeez at?”, which I think means, “Where’s the hot women?” Anyhow enjoy placing the cool threads on some celebs, and completely distorting those who you love to hate!

Here’s our Top Ten…


Online Paper Doll Madonna
is fun to create and looks pretty realistic in a cartoony kind of way! (See image right) She comes with loads of funky backgrounds, all her well-known hairstyles and all of her best known outfits right up to her current look.

Justin Bieber
Yes we know he’s everyone’s favorite!
Dress up Justin Bieber in cool threads for his next concert or for just hangin’ out, and looking cute!
Justin Bieber Dress Up

Leonardo DiCaprio

Funny Beach Game with Leonardo DiCaprio
– dress him as a biker, Gilligan or a member of KISS and laugh at the entertaining voice over or press the shuffle button and see what funky threads you come up with.

Elvis Presley

Mr Jacko Head
(in place of Mr Potato Head of course!)
Funny results, as anyone would look without a body!

Another scary facemaker for
Mr Jackson
. Better for older kids, it might disturb your littlies and have them running to hide under their beds!

Rubber Faces

Choose from a huge list of celebs that you love to hate. You can happily pull and squeeze them into any number of directions to completely crucify them. All in fun ofcourse. Check out Rubbery Bodies too!

Pop Dummy
– All Your Top Celebrities to Dress Up
Pop Dummy allows you to dress Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and others. Don’t forget to get the witty Star Reaction from your celebrity after you’ve finished your creation, be it glamourous or frightful.

Paper Dolls
– Historical Celebrities- Jackie O, Princess Diana…
A long list of paper dolls of historical figures who you can dress in clothing that they were famous for.

– Covers Just About Everyone!
A huge list of current celebrities- singers, actors, royalty, models and other famous people. Plenty of costumes to choose from. Some dolls are more realistic than others.

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